Who Sang the Anthem?

Wow, who was the guy who sang the National Anthem on Sunday?

I believe they said Herb Viola or something? it sounded like he had a few shots of whiskey before he approached the microphone?

Come on, a big game like the Eastern Final at the new Tim Horton Feild and it becomes "Tiny Talent Time" to sing the National Anthem, it's supposed bring tears to your eyes when a voice can move you and inspire the crowd not send everyone to the washroom?

Look at the Guy who sings the Anthem at the Ottawa Senators games from the OPP Honour Guard or the guy from Phantom of Opera Michael Burgess who sang for the Leafs games, I'm sure their is a good voice to be found in Hamilton?

Maybe after the Cats win the Grey Cup in Vancouver this Sunday we can have a talent search in the off-season for a person who has a set of lungs and can sing other than a member of the Barton Street Barber Shop Quartet!!!


It was Mr Fern Viola.
He has done the anthem many times over the years and usually does a fine job.
From where I was sitting in section 212 it appears that the sound system was not
working correctly.
Several fans around me commented the same thing.

Careful Big Cat. I got got dumped on yesterday when I commented about how the anthem sounded on tv.

A story about the singer appeared in The Spec back in June of last year:

[url=http://www.thespec.com/news-story/3412971-mahoney-fern-s-signing-off-with-a-song-in-his-heart/]http://www.thespec.com/news-story/34129 ... his-heart/[/url]