I would like to know who first mentioned this (supposed) signing, cause the Bombers main website updates there roster on a daily basis and Banks is not on there, so is he signed? i don’t think so, and if so i would like to see some prof.

Otherwise as it stands we have Glenn, Holland and Dinwiddie.

A few weeks ago in the free press it said that banks has signed but not offically

Lots of rumours, lack of official info...

On the roster the only QBs listed are Glenn, Dimwittie, and the new kid Holland, no Banks, no Anthony Wright (who was also rumoured).

does it matter? will banks be the starter? i doubt it

it does matter cause he is they only quarterback other than glenn that knows the offence

we have a new OC we have gone through lots, with either guy they need to keep it simple

Today's Winnipeg Sun indicates that Banks remains un-signed:

[url=http://slam.canoe.ca/Slam/Football/CFL/Winnipeg/2007/04/21/4091683-sun.html]http://slam.canoe.ca/Slam/Football/CFL/ ... 3-sun.html[/url]

Figures , who ever posted that they "SIGNED" Banks should do there research as there is a big difference between "SIGNED" and "SIGNED, BUT NOT OFFICIALLY". Unless the BB'S are just playing with the fans and have him ready to go. And YES IT DOES MATTER. I agree 100% with BBFAN12'S Statement.

The numbers from last year tell you that having a decent (or even half-decent) backup QB would be a marked improvement for the Bombers.

When Glenn started, Bombers went 9-5; when he didn't play, they were 0-4.

Those numbers speak volumes.

i agree, glenns it no matter what, and i dont think banks has showin anything anyways

MadJack, you also missed the games where Glenn didn't Finish.

The last game against BC(Illegal hit), the Hamilton game.

In Part the Second MTL game.(he did come back but after being Rattled)*also the game when the blue lost 2 OL's in game so had to play Ooohst on the OL.

When Glennw was healthy Start to Finish he lost only.. 3 games or the team lost 3?

The Bombers do not seem to update their website Daily or else I missed when they re-signed some of their guys like Williams(unless he was active roster end of last year)
Also this website(the write up on the Draft) says Mayne was released but he still on the blue website.

Glenn stinks... :smiley:
Ok he doesnt stink but hes not in the upper echlon of CFL starters.

Its like we got Chad Johnson (Milt) and Ladanian Tomlinson (Charlie) but we got Kerry Collins at QB... What should be a potent offense is kind of dampered by a weaker QB...

:roll: Please...

He's also amoung the youngest starters in the CFL, and this will be the first year he's coming back to the same offensive scheme. You watch, this will be a break out year for Kevin Glenn.

yes it will be, especially since now our recieving corps is actually a threat oputside of milt stegall

I don't recall Banks signing either, but he is expected to be in camp, since he has nowhere else to go if he still wants to play.

Anyone who thinks the Bombers offensive problems are Glenns fault is dead wrong. He is the only reason we have won any games in the last 3 years. Give him a solid o-line and a few receivers to compliment Milt and the same offensive scheme for the first time since he has been our starter and look out.

Upper Echlon... who is that?
Ray - 25, solid QB had a bad Season TD:INT wise.
Dickenson - Injury issues, but a solid QB
AC - he's slipping? needs to bounce back from last year.
Burris - Has many more Weapons then Glenn and doesn't do better
Joseph - Has yet to be a Winner
Maas - Needs to bounce back
Allen - Nearing Retirement
Glenn - 27, Improved greatly, had Injury Problems, Offence Clicked after appearence of a second Receiver(armstrong)

Last Year I'd Rank Glenn 4th or 5th Out of the 8 Starting QB's.
Now I don't know who you want to buy, but no one is on the Market and Frankly I'm getting Tired of Trading away Top Talent to get a QB who is over-achieving(see Spergeon Wynn, BC 2004)
Glenn Has Shown he can play, he has 2 Season To prove he is an elite QB, But Considering the what has been happening to him like:
Amount of Centers/Right Tackles over the past 2 years
Amount of Receivers with an inability to catch
Amount of Receivers Unable to go up and fight for the ball.

Receivers must help the QB and make him look better.
When was passing to Peterson, Peterson was not helping Glenn out Dropping 4-5 passes a game and those Drops were contagous.(a stat I'd love to see tracked, Passes attempted that were dropped)

2007 should be a grey cup Championship GAME for the Bombers.
If they will win it or not I do not know, but providing they are atleast somewhat healthy, they can have injuries but no real major ones like Goodspeed for the Season. They'll play in Toronto November 25 against probably BC.