Who’s your qb for 2021(or 2022)

I couldn’t resist. Sick of talking Covid, EE’s new nickname, season cancellation, CFL/PA battles etc. Etc. Etc.

Although I may be opening up another can of worms here, figured it might be good to lighten up and discuss football maybe. And we can all get a real head start in bitching and arguing about the team - isn’t that what makes this forum the place to be?

I believe they will move forward with Evans as he would still be under contract for 2021 and definitely looked good last year. Masoli may be able to command a bit more if fully healed and able to shop around his services. I haven’t checked back on the contracts to see which qbs will expire after 2020, but that could add some intrigue to the mix.

Go ahead, feel free to add your comments, have fun with it or just feel free to ignore and go back to Netflix and NHL. Cheers

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Jeremiah is contracted only through this cancelled season. From what we're reading, today, he can opt to be a free agent as of tonight. He, almost certainly, won't and would then be due to become a free agent in February, unless signed to an extension or there's some agreement made to honour his '20 contract in '21.
Dane is our only QB under contract through 2021.
Hayden Moore and David Watford are in the same contract situation as Mazoli.

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I agree he is not likely to ask for his release now as it would give up whatever Federal income replacement money he might be entitled to. Also, he might ask the team to just re-up to 2021 with the same contract they negotiated with him for 2020. He may ask for a little more money, especially if his recovery from the ACL is complete, and he is as healthy as he was prior to the injury.

It’s hard to know what CFL economics might be next year. Perhaps the team will have to ask all players under contract for 2021 to reduce their contracted salary. We just don’t know for sure, and I’ll bet the team doesn’t have a firm handle on it yet either.

“May you live in interesting times” comes to mind when thinking of what we are currently enduring.

I’m waiting to comment until after Garney chimes in🤪


I think it will come down to economics.
If no fans will be allowed into stadia in 2021, then I can see the absolute REQUIREMENT for either a drastically reduced Salary Cap, or some entity (owners, sponsors, government) throwing money at the League.
If the Cap is reduced, can we afford them both?

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I think both guys want to be in Hamilton and Hamilton wants them. I'd love to see them try a 2 QB system. Two mature , professional guys could pull it off . Rumor has it Masoli is in fantastic shape as well.

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An extra year for Masoli to heal and put the injury behind him isn't a bad thing.

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Ti-Cats have an embarrassment of riches at the QB slot. Either one can start, both have proven they can make silk out of a sow's ear, and I think the fans would be behind either guy.
Besides using the backup as the short-yardage guy, has any CFL team run a 2-QB offense?

It's been forever since we saw the Cats play.

Who are the QBs again?

Oh I remember now!

OK. I pick Clements over Marler. :smile:

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whatever QB coach Jones choses I am sure will be the correct choice

But Marler is a FAR better investment advisor!

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I know. I walk by his office frequently.

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Six degrees of Dave Marler began with Bruce Arians at Miss. St. . Dave was a QB who passed , ran , punted and kicked . Arians loved the guy . Arians has got another QB with the Bucks who's pretty good . That Brady fellow was drafted in the 6th round , 199 th overall .

Pat Lynch (the old guy)

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I think even Brady would have gotten destroyed in that 1980 Grey Cup against the stacked Eskimo team. :laughing:


Warren Moon , James Parker , Tom Scott , Brian Kelly , etc. . Yeah , they had a "few" hall of famers.

Pat Lynch (loved the Esks' colours but not the team)

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Well, since we only have one QB that's actually under contract for 2021, as of right now, I would go with Dane Evans.


Evans is a good quarterback. He’s better than Masoli at this time

Here's an update on Masoli's off-season activities:



As of now, he’s a Free Agent. There are very few certainties for next season, but the fact that Dane Evans is under contract for it is one.

If next season must take place with no bums in seats, then without additional funding, I fail to see how owners won’t lose their collective shirts with the current Salary Cap. This may necessitate a drop in the Cap if the League is to survive. Can the team afford two excellent QBs? Can it afford NOT to if one gets injured?

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I sure hope the farce of a CFL commissioner is working on plan "B"s for next year…

Why haven’t they formally postponed the Grey Cup in Hamilton?


This league is messed.