who retires?

Well, If your Al's win the grey cup, Do you think A.C Will end his career on a high note!? And if A.C Calls it a career, I do believe Ben will call it a career as well. And I imagine Chu would follow suit!
This would be a Blow to the Al's as a team! Al tho Cats DO have a stud Centre that wants out, that might fill chu's void, but I hope McP Can step up and take control of this team! And Cahoon...Dont even get me started about this man! CLASS of the CFL!
If They all do call it a career, let me be the first on here to say thank you for all you have done for the CFL, And as for you A.C you truly got the last laugh with Hamilton!

I don't see any of them retiring. AC has a lot of football left in him and as long as Mark Trestman is coaching and Anthony is healthy I dont see him leaving the game. Of course at our age you tend to look at things one year at a time.

Ben has a big family that he moves around every year and at some point that becomes very hard on them as the kids go to school and plant roots and friendships.

Bryan Chiu: I think will stick around as long as the organisation are prepared to play him. I suspect he can stay with the team in some capacity if he retires like Ozumo did, at least I would hope.

Anwar took up Yoga and this off season he is starting Ballet so he should be ok for a few more seasons.

If they win, i suspect Brian Chiu, Cahoon likely, after that as long as Trestman is there i think many will stay another year.

Considering the Als have 3 promising young linesmen I would think they will have to make room for them. Lambert and Chiu, likely will have to make room for Jourdain and Woodruff and Steebergen is probably a year behind them.

I think the team they have now is a Dream Team. It is perfect as it is. And I also think that even they are contemplating to retire, the 3C (Calvillo, Cahoon, Chiu) still have a year or two of football in them. So I do hope that they return next year, whatever this Sunday's result is. I also find it still rather difficult for other teams to catch up with them next year. Well, short of Argos hiring Ben Roethlisberger...

Sanchez & Cahoon have options in 2010...while Chiu option is this year.

I see these 3 guys leaving if they win the holy grail this year.

Richard probably has the inside scoop on those contract years.

Anyone know if Perrett will become FA in Feb 2010 or 2011 ?

I believe Cahoon is going to stay with A.C. They both still do a great job and they won't retire after all those records... I believe they'll do one last year...

If the Als win the cup, I believe all three will call it a career.

I must say man that I find it very refreshing when another team's fan comes into another forum to talk about football and not just trash talk. You are a class act my friend. :thup:

If we win the Cup, I can see Cahoon retiring. Not so sure about Chiu and Calvillo.

Something tells me Cahoon may not come back either way. Now there is a guy I would love to see as a receivers' coach when he does decide to call it a career.

Ben says Trestman has rekindled his fire for the game. If the Als win the cup, Ben has to come back and participate in defending the title. When it is gone.... it is forever.

So, you don't think that he'll come back as a coach? Meh...you're probably right. Most likely, he would want to stay close to his family.

Just as a side note. . . our receiving corps has been excellent year. Richardson got off to a slow start due to health issues, but Cahoon was Cahoon, Watkins was more consistent with not as many drops, Bratton really came on, and in spot duty as receivers Green and Hawkins acquitted themselves very well. Kudos to our new receivers coach, Marcus Brady !

I think, and hope that both AC And BC stay. I would love to see AC break Duvals records, but he need 2 years for that.

IMO part of the decision is whether or not you can still get the job done and both have shown they still can.

I believe you mean Damon ALLEN, do you not?

oops! Allen :oops:

I was thinking the same thing. He'd make a great Coach!

Actually, Cahoon is the one guy who I feel wouldn't necessarily make the best coach, mainly because he is so low key, relaxed, and non-confrontational that he might not be able to get in a player's face when necessary and spur him to perform. Of course, I could be horribly wrong. :lol:

Calvillo, on the other hand, would make an excellent coach IMO. Cerebral, game film maniac, stickler for details, but would have no problem chewing a player out if the situation called for it.

You make him sound like, well, Trestman

lol nice RO i think cahoon would make a good coach in the fact that he isnt a flashy-ive had everything handed to me cause im amazing kinda guy...he has a strong work ethic and you can tell he's had to work a lot to be the player he is. kinda like hockey how gretzky wasnt a great coach because he was naturally gifted and never had to really be pushed to make that level. either way i would be extremely shocked to not see him on the als sidelines as a coach someday soon here