Who remembers..

one time, I think it was in the 90's, a team had a game won and the coach let the defense stay into play offense.

...what you talking about willis?...

I would like to hear more about this. How did the D do?

I seem to recall something like that . It may have been only a couple of players and 1 might have been a QB . sounds like something Dave Matthews would have tried. Could it maybe have been in TO?

I am thinking it might have been mathews in TO. It might have been adrian who played QB. It was just for one seriespossession, in like the last minute of the game, but the memory is so vague I am just not sure

I think you mean Don Matthews, for starters. I have watched CFL for decades, and I don’t recall this at all. Perhaps the odd player that can play both ways, but not a whole D team.