Who remembers the following

Fire alarms on most corners
Air raid drills at school
colored sugar cube vacinations (polio?)
Johnny seven OMA
Secret Sam
Using roller skate keys
When paper routes were just for kids and kids collected the money, paid for the papers, and got new customers themselves
When it was safe for a 6 yr old to go around the block alone.
When it was normal for preteens to ride bikes alone anywhere they could get to in a day.
when all restuarant hamburgers were real homemade type thicker ground beef.
when people left money for the milk man, that was often stolen by kids on their way to school.
When french fries actually tasted good before these health freaks started making a fuss about what oils were used.
when prison was actually a bad place to be.
Rotary phones
No cable, no color. rabbit ears.
quakashake (sp?)
6 0z class pop bottles.
going down to the corner to sit on a pony for a picture.