Who remebers these classics

The Esso Player potraits back in the 70's.
You would get them for a fill up and they all had players stats like hockey cards on the back.
They were letter size black and white laminated with a glossy finish.
Most guys gave the Heisman pose if they where on the O..
I was just a kid but I thought they rocked back then.
It's about time the CFL did something like that again...god knows we pay enough for gas that they could at least give us something extra these days.

I'm too young to remember that.

But, I'm glad it doesn't exists anymore, because I know that is something I would most probably collect while I know I wouldn't know what to do with it afterward, nor where to stock them. There are useless things that men can't refrain from buying even if they know it's not the rationale choice.

too true, i still have the old 80's grey cup team posters of the bombers. by now they are all rolled and wrinkled with the usual tears but i just can't throw them out.

I remember those.

Here's a trivia question? Does anyone remember what product Joe Kapp helpped promote in the 1960's?

Papazoola might remember.......

Lead paint? :?

I'm too young to remember, but I think I heard somewhere that he used to plug for peanut butter.

It was peanut butter but not sure if the name was Skippy or not.

yeah it was peanut butter......still remember Joe in the commercial looking like he just polished off a jar......I never thought Kapp was a smooth as the peanut butter he was pumping ....but what the heh'....he won the Lions a cup....

Football 16 so close...Squirrel Peanut Butter...... jm02, Football16 papazoola, you all get to go to the head of the class!

There was this girl we called peanut butter back in high school...i can't remember why but it had something to do with the spread :shock:

As long as you didn't called her Crunchy Peanut Butter...

Did you ever try thinking about flipping her over?

Back then ...all the time...maybe 20 times a day lol....but the number 1 song that year was by Billy Joel was It's just a fanasty followed by Paradise by the dash board light ..so we did not get it as much as we all wanted it ...not like todays HS'ers