Who really cares if the Argos survive?

Given the amount of abuse hurled at the Argonauts and their fans (and even the citizens of Toronto, whether or not they are Argonauts fans) on this forum, I have to ask, why does anybody care whether the Argos survive as a franchise in the CFL?

The declining attendance in Toronto and potential demise of the franchise should be everything all the Argo haters on this forum would wish.
And no, "our hate of the Argos and Toronto is what unites the rest of Canada" is not a reason.
Why not let the Argos die and leave the rest of the CFL to thrive without the embarrassment of an empty stadium for games in the country's largest city?

I care.

If the MLSE were to buy the team, the team would be secure... F-O-R-E-V-E-R. Then we can work on a 10th team.

Let's get it done.

because that will mean that the anti argocfl crowd in Toronto has won. Cant ever let that happen.

If Argos folded it likely would eventually hurt Hamilton by taking away our biggest rival. I'm sure we will be fine for some time with the novelty of our new stadium but the fact is Hamilton's only sell-out crowds for years have been for games against the Argos. Games against them easily sell 3-5 thousand extra tickets historically compared to games against other teams.

It wouldn't affect the league one bit. It's just garbage talk. Move the team to Oshawa, problem solved..... put a team in halifax. that's 10. put a team in quebec city. there is 11 now. next problem finding a 12th team. maybe london? okanagan? saskatoon? who knows.

I am curious. . . what colour is the sky, in your world?

I care, only an idiot would think otherwise. Toronto is the media centre of Canada, CFL would lose a ton of money from sponsors and on a TV deal without the Argos involved.

I also care and I agree with this post.

BS. that is totally false. Why would Nissan care? do they only sell vehicles in Toronto. Probably most people in Toronto don't even drive cars. lol.... they take what you call it? buses or trams. lol

Agreed on all points. A Toronto team is important to the health of the CFL. Without a Toronto franchise there's no way they get any sort of the TV deal they currently enjoy from TSN. And of course that thing about them being the oldest professional sports team in North America. It would be terrible for such a storied franchise to meet such a demise.

crap you guys. they would move the team somewhere else. look at ottawa. why would people hate those folks who care so much about their city and their heritage. thats why they support the senators and redblacks.

Toronto? aaah they are too busy getting lost in traffic thinking they are in a big city and they are successful

As I said before...

Sell the rights to the Grey Cup - ie "The Google Grey Cup". Sell it for $15M/yr.
Move the team to BMO and sell the Argos to MLSE based in the following promise...

MLSE will receive $5M/yr (of the $15M/yr) for both year 1 and 2.
$4M/yr of the $15M for both year 3 and 4.
$3M/yr of the $15M for both year 5 and 6.
$2.5/yr of the $15M for both year 7 and 8.
An equal share for all future contracts from year 9 on...

Make this deal based on the guarantee that MLSE will own and operate the Argos until the year 2050. Then stop worrying about it - if the team loses money, to hell with the MLSE. If the team isn't profitable by the year 2051, it doesn't deserve to exist. Besides, I will likely be dead in 2051.

LOL, move the team somewhere else. Where too, genius? What city in Canada has a CFL ready stadium to move the franchise to? No where. And a new stadium would be at least 2 if not 3 or more years away until they figure out who's going to pay for it and how, then where to put it and deal with the complaints and lawsuits from people who don't want a stadium near them. Sure we have a nice stadium here in Winnipeg, Ottawa just opened theirs tonight, Hamilton's still in progress. But look at everything each of those cities has had to go through to be get approval to build the stadiums and then all the issues before they were finally open for football.

And if they moved them out of Toronto, TSN would guaranteed pay less for CFL TV rights given that there would be even more less interest in the CFL in the most populated TV market in Canada. If you think any national broadcaster will pay $40M, $50M, or more per year to broadcast CFL games without a team in Toronto, well that's just naive. They're nickname is not the Toronto Sports Network for nothing. And if not TSN then who? Sportsnet could care less about the CFL and CBC is getting out of sports now that they've become subservient in HNIC to Rogers with the exception of olympics and special sporting events like the world cup.

A - why would MLSE get that money? F that. If you do it, ALL teams get an equal cut.
B - You don't dangle that carrot...they want ownership or they don't. These stupid incentives just lure ownership who don't really care. This is what happened with the Renegades and the GC lure.
C - I personally hate the idea of slapping any sponsorship on a championship. Some things are more important than money, and to me this is one of many of them. RBC Cup, Scotties TOH, etc...I have a lesser respect for any of these that have done this...it is a sellout move. You would never see the NHL, NFL, NBA, MLB do this...why...because that trophy is supposed to be above that...slapping a name on a championship insults the championship IMO, and a slap in the face to Earl Grey

A - Because the Argos, believe or not, are a very important part of the survival of the CFL. They are also a money pit. The money is needed for them to survive.
B - NO ONE WANTS TO OWN THE ARGOS. Without incentive, they will likely be owned by the league and the money will still come out of everyone's pockets. Why not get a great owner by making a small sacrifice for a few years.
C - To all the purist... GROW UP!!! All the major Bowls have moved in this direction and the big leagues will as well. It is 2014 and money is everything - like it or not. If you don't want to watch, don't. If Earl Grey doesn't like it, let him buy the Argos.

you must be from Toronto lol. nothing will make it without a team in Toronto lol. Yes if Toronto would cease then Canada would fall apart lol.

TSN will be paying double soon with how big the ratings are. They got a steal paying only 40m.

And wise guy guess what? the Argos will move to a different city and they will build a stadium for them. OSHAWA?

move west my man. it's so much better for you.

The Argos playing at an updated BMO, owned by MLSE, is the best bet.

Agreed. If you're paying someone to own the team then they might as well sell it to you or me as we'll care more for the franchise. Regardless of how the Argos have been run into the ground as a business, there should be pride and prestige attached to ownership and not a bribe. If you're paying someone to own the team they won't respect the franchise properly as if they had to run it like any other business trying to turn a profit.

...if they need to be propped up and nobody wants them...um...then why should they exist. Same goes for any team. How is a team that can't draw enough fans or sponsorship essential to the league when they are in the location with the largest population and most potential sponsorship? I hope the Argos survive...I do...but they need to fix stuff. Major Bowls do not slap names on them...NEW bowls do. I don't care if money talks...this is our league, money has never been the primary driver of this league, and it doesn't have to.


well said