Who Ran The Kick To Midfield To Set Up The Winning Score ??

I was watching the game last night and I thought Dressler returned the kickoff to around the 45yard line before Durant hit Gezlaf with the winning pass. The box score shows Walker had all the returns but I am sure that inspite of my beer goggles, #7 got the job done. Can anyone confirm Dressler's return on that play? Thanks.

It was Dressler but it wasn't a kickoff return. It was a missed fieldgoal

Yes, thats right!! When D'angelis went wide left, Dressler ran the ball down the sideline to get the excellent field position. Thank you very much for the help!!! Great game!!!!

Not to downplay Dressler's great return but missed field goals are usually easier to return than kickoffs & punts. it was impressive non the less.