who r U voting for?

u dont have to say your name or anything…just click your choice…i want to get an indication of who is gonna win.

if your not eligable to vote, then please dont click anything, cuz your skewing the results.

for some reason, my option of ‘other’ didnt show up.

thank u.

if I could, I'd vote NDP, becase I like what that party stands for and I'd be able to get into Canada easier with them in power.

all the political talk on this site ...48 views of this poll......and only 8 people voted on here...

this speaks volumes about voter turn out...eveyone talks and has opinions, but then dont vote.

this won't give you any idea on who's going to win.
check out the polls - they all have the cons with a 10 pt lead
what is likely to happen is the liberals get wiped out in western canada and most of quebec. the lone areas of the country where the liberals will draw power are toronto, montreal and perhaps vancouver.
not much of a national party anymore, are they?

i wanted to see how closely this poll is to the polls in the news....so far, they are fairly similar.

wow this is better then any poll so far we CFL fans are pretty smart sorry Ro ha ha ha Okay Ro is a great guy and he is a Liberal supporter and I am going to lay off of this until after monday right Ro! Remember the conservatives are a bout the future the Liberals well we do not want to remember the past right.

Whatever you think of any or all of the candidates, be sure to get out and vote if you are eligible. Your vote does count.

amazing to see NDP get more votes than Liberal...i wonder how the NDP will do in the real polls...maybe they are slowly getting higher support each year?

question: the winner of this mondays election gets 4 years or just the rest of what martin's term shoulda been ( so essentially 3 years )

Right on Drumming...the spirit is hatching, we'll see on monday..NDP will rise in the popular vote..
It's only a matter of time, peaple will see the merits of a honest party..one day we will rule..

..........that might be, one day.........try being the official opposition first, for experience......could happen Monday.........

..........dg, the clock is reset on an election........the winning party would get a mandate for 3 to 5 years, with a mandatory election in the fifth year.........unless if there's a minority gov, then we could be doing all this again in '06, '07........

Sorry guys the i voted. BTW can illegal immigrants vote like in the US

I must confess, I voted too :oops: for the NDP.

Well i offset your vote. Kanga can you guess who i voted for. :smiley:

conservative, and I don't know why, they are very negative towards minorities (Gays, Frist Nations, etc.) and just wanna make money, no matter on who they chush in their way.

Come on Kanga you know i' am a bed wetting liberal.

are you? you said when we frist met that you were a republican, if I recall correctly, maybe I'm wrong.

But it doesn't matter, conservatives wouldn't gain control of Canada, the Liberals and the NDP will ban together against them and win fair and square.

Bloc Quebec is the swung vote.

...........KK, you are beginning to look eight again.........maybe you should stay out of canadian politics until you learn more about it........

gimme a break kanga, there not negative toward minorities, if you ever watch or listen to them. the conservatives will give gay marriage every right that a normal marriage is , except we dont wanan use the word marriage....but if harper gets in power he will use a free vote in parlament,and realy kanga there are bigger problems in this country then gay marriage.

you actually think this country has enough money to pay for every kids day care space in this country without going in deficit lol, and if they can , the way they will do it is tax the big oil companies or banks, and guess what if you tax the shit out of the big companies they will leave this country and go to europe or US and there goes our economy, thanks to the NDP

Feeling the heat, RW? two left parties against your right one. MHAHAHA!

Think about it: West: Conservative Ontario: Liberal Quebec: Bloc Atlantic: Liberal.

the left will win, and civil rights for Gays will survive and I’ll be able to get into Canada easier.

Raywhatever, if they can do that in Europe, they can do it here in Canada.

I' am joking you know i' am a right wing extremist. I hate republicans they are just as bad as the demoncats. I don't trust either party. Maybe the reason why i' am so conservative is both my senators Kennedy, and Kerry are liberals, and have done nothing but embarassed Massachusetts. Kerry got his start in my home city Lowell, boy as soon as he had a little success he left us in a hurry. I tend to vote more republican b/c it the lesser of two evils in Mass. I usually vote democrat for my state rep, b/c he always answers my questions. They like to give the good state jobs to the drunk irish democrats. See in Mass you shouldn't register as a republican, because if you try to get a state job and they check your background especially for law enforcement and they see that R next to your name, no job for you. I guess you live and you learn, and i donated to the only republican sheriff and i will be getting that job in about 3 weeks.

Welcome to the people's republic of Massachusetts.