Who QBs in Toronto?

A more viable option might be Toronto making a pitch to Calgary for backup Barrick Nealy, a player Barker would know very well from his days as the Stampeders senior vice-president of football operations and director of player personnel.

Somewhat of a sleeper in the polling ( as in no votes at this point ).

I voted for Zach Champion!! I like his name and Champion would look cool on an Argo jersey since we won 15 of them. :slight_smile:

Dalton Bell -- With zero votes -- Is now among the front-runners.

With all of these unknowns signing with Toronto, I think about another 4 options are needed. :?

I think a certain kind of nfl bacup is ok. Like Drew Stanton of the Lions, who is about to be cut or Pat White of the Dolphins. Stanton's athletic abiltiy and White is a running quarterback who would fit much better in the CFL. I have not been on the site for awhile due to family issues.

 Now if I can just find a way to watch the games from Detroit.  When CBC stopped showing the games I cried, I love the CFL.  If anyone can tell me how to find it, watch it on my computer I would be grateful.

Travis Lulay is going to be a star in this league. The Argos should mortgage Skydome to get him.

when all else fails, go to Boston Pizza in Windsor.

Great take CFLTommy those are two of the potential picks who would have a better shot in the CFL indeed.

I watched games last summer on www.channelsurfing.net after seeing my first full game in the CFL final in 2008, and I was hooked enough to want to watch more CFL ball than college football this year.

If you live in Detroit, go across the border, by a Canadian Bell satellite, register using a friend's Canadian address, and you're all set. With programming credits, the hardware is basically free, and a basic package with TSN will cost less than $50 per month.

If you get 16 games a month, that works out about $3 per game. Suspend your subscription in the winter months, unless you're a hockey fan, because then you'll get 100 more of those games on TSN.

C'mon it's obvious who's gonna be the QB:

Jeremaine Copeland, he was a QB before Payton Manning got the starting job at Tennessee.

I can so see him doing the [u]Mr Perfect[/u] throwing & catching his own Hail Mary football pass...lol