Who QBs in Toronto?

There aren't a lot of options for them. It's either throw a raw rookie to the wolves, or look around the league and promise one of the backups some playing time as a starter.

Who do you think the Argos should be chasing?

I think they will look to BC or Sask for a trade.

......orrrr go after a guy like Garcia IF he's available... :wink:

BC will not be trading Jarious Jackson.

Wally's already said he's not going anywhere.

Best scenario is:

  1. Printers
  2. Jackson - good for short yardage and a durable back-up... more than anything, he's the best leader the team has.
  3. Lulay - young guy being groomed to be the starter
  4. Champion - not sure if we'll have 4 QBs this year... but if he's kept he's basically a career back-up in BC.

Pierce has a roster bonus due March 5th... expect him to get cut or traded soon. Unless Wally has a deal with another team where we pay his roster bonus and get a better return in a trade after we swallow the cost.

from a ticket sales perspective_ Garcia along with Canadian understudies. qb,s with Canadian football experience. as Barker hinted at.

What do we have to trade. We only have one QB on our roster who's taken a CFL snap.

Bell, Harrell, and Berquist have all shown potential -- Some of them know they're not ready, some of them may be eager to get behind center. If the Argos come with an offer than fills one of the voids left by Chick / Baggs / Rey. Williams / Davis, we'd have to give it serious thought.

wildcat formation direct snap it to:
1.wes cates
2.maurice clarett (once he is outta the slammer)
3.robert edwards
4.mike pringle

Joe Theismann

The 'beauty' if you will is they could easily bring a Joe Theismann type who could light it up the first year with the purging they are doing. They're own media in Toronto won't admit it because they are stuck on the "CFL is crap, NFL is coming" and these dead heads don't know what winning the Canadian Grey Cup championship means because they are American wannabees, but to us that know, the Argos could be in a very interesting situation with their qb's with this purging, as I say.

That's the beauty of the CFL, granted it's a bit harder now that the NFL isn't automatically discounting qb's who are under 6'4" thanks to the CFL "showing them the way' but still they are out there, just have to scout them and convince them the CFL is worth it. From some "northern >>>> State College' type of thing, or god forbid, a Canadian university.

In my dreams more of the mobile college quarterbacks standing about 6-2 or less from spread or spread option offences would make their way to the CFL via a 3+1 minimum term on a contract for sake of their professional development. Sure NFL teams might take interest in such guys after 3 years in the CFL after showing hardly any out of college, but note that such quarterbacks just are not well-suited to most current NFL offences in largely the pro-sets or ball-control sets.

NFL teams really put a premium on every inch of quarterback height for reasons for another post. Take a look for example at the heights in this year's combine selection:

[url=http://www.nfl.com/combine/players#players-tab-set-1:players-grid-container-position]http://www.nfl.com/combine/players#play ... r-position[/url]

Though the "NFL prototype" QB drafted out of college has been 6-3 or more for perhaps 15 years now, here are some examples of such quarterbacks who stand 6-2 or less AND who had/have mobility and a strong arm to play at various levels in the NFL as well, including some with time in the CFL of course:

Jeff Garcia
Doug Flutie
Steve Young
Michael Vick
Seneca Wallace
Fran Tarkenton
Donovan McNabb

Fire away with any other examples historic and present who stand 6-2 or less.

(Height and stat source http://www.pro-football-reference.com/)

Excellent observation Paoalo and of course Drew Brees barely is 6 feet tall is my understanding, not a bad qb. Never would have made it 20 years ago but things have changed.

There is or should be so much more to the qb position other than just height and if it's not, than what does that tell you about the game of North American gridiron football in the first place? :?

I voted Wildcat becuase I didn't like any of the options, and then I laughed cause I realized the Argos don't have a starting RB. :lol:

Excellent observation Paoalo and of course Drew Brees barely is 6 feet tall is my understanding, not a bad qb.
In Brees first season he was backup to Doug Flutie, 5' 9", with Dave Dickenson, 5' 11", which was probably the shortest NFL QB'ing trio in many years. Does Brees not remind you of Flutie? ...he even does the hop pass. :wink:

It seems CFL teams would do better by developing their own NCAA grad QB's, rather than taking NFL castoffs. In the NFL, QB's are trained to be robots, which is the antithesis of QB'ing in the CFL. The longer a QB spends in the NFL, usually the worse he does in the CFL (eg. M. McMahon, M. Quinn, A. Smith)...after 2 or 3 NFL seasons they are basically ruined and all the spontaneity is drilled out of them. They are just passing automatons.

I think the Argos will sign that Buffalo castoff or another NFL QB, as Barker has a history of getting surprise QB's from the US, Akili Smith, Scot Milanovich, or Garcia from the AFL...rather than going with a CFL veteran.

There is a reason why Bishop is number one on your list, because there is no one better and he should be in camp.

If I didnt feel so sorry for the argos, I would wish both pierce and bishop on them, but for their sake they need anybody but.

The CFL is not a developmental system for the NFL. oh wait this is off topic :thdn:

Well we know you have a hate on for Bishop :stuck_out_tongue: but what have you got against Pierce?_ is it the concussion,s ?

Or the shoulder injuries...

I dont hate bishop, just calls it as I sees it. When he first showed up, I so hoped he would be good because he looked like my kind of QB, but as time went by, it became clear that he just didnt have what it took to be one of the best, then I realized what was wrong with him was complete lack of smarts, at least on the field.

As for Buck, I like him, but for his own sake, he should retire and I think any team taking a chance on him as starter will be left holding the bag.

Unfortunately just like was the case with Dickenson some team will let him hit the field despite obvious concussion injuries that have become chronic. Really too bad.