Who proofs CFL.ca?

Does nobody check things before they post to a website or forum?

I just looked at CFL.ca's tribute to the Canadian Flag on its 50th anniversary.
There are 10 photos, supposedly of the Canadian flag at CFL games.
Two of the photos are of the Calgary Stampeders logo on flags.
I get that the red and white colours are identical for both flags, but really?
Nobody caught this?
Nobody is fixing this?

Also on CFL.ca, a story about the REDBLACKS hosting the Alouettes in an exhibition game which "will be played take place in Quebec City"
Which of the two official Canadian languages is that?

How hard is it to proofread your own post before you send it?
Or edit it if you send it with an error?

Seriously. :roll:

Have to admit I saw that as well, and wondered.

I didn’t think much about this post until I saw "Watt will help Hamilton stretch the field and could benefit from his pre-existing repour with Zach Collaros.

C’mon folks we can do better than this. First class league calls for first class presentation.

I think proof reading is a lost art these days. This past week the PBS station WNED which advertises itself as 'WNED Buffalo/Toronto' took out a full page colour ad in the Hamilton Spectator highlighting four shows that were on that week.

In headline sized print accompanying pictures for each program the copy read like this.

Brit Floyd - Live from Red Rocks. [b]Monday, March 2[/b] at 9 p.m. Fast Metabolism with Haylie Pomroy, [b]Monday, March 3[/b] at 8 p.m. J.J. Virgin Sugar Impact, [b]Monday, March 4[/b] at 8 p.m. Father Brown: Saving Lives Solving Crimes [b]Monday March 5[/b] at 8 p.m.
A (not cheap) full page ad - that likely ran in other papers in Western New York and Southern Ontario and nobody caught that they screwed up the days of the week?

So cfl.ca has company in sloppy proof reading.

That one that gets me is the use of the word loose instead of lose. In the Internet age it is used incorrectly almost 95 percent of the time. Why? That never happened when I was growing up, it seems to have coincided with the Internet.

The classic one that I've seen a few times is pre-Madonna (prima donna) and also too shay (touché). I saw a real classic a few weeks ago, wish I had written it down.

On a recent article about free agents having fresh starts with new teams, one player was identified as signing with Ottawa when he had actually signed with Montreal.

It'll happen, but it seems a bit more frequent on cfl.ca than on many other sites.

I had a few classics coming from my students, if you "enjoy" this sort of thing:


The CFL really, if ever reads any comments on here, let alone monitoring what is place on here

Thread hijack alert
I see your location is the Island, do you know of any other CFLers aside from Jim Foley and Vernon Pahl who attended a PEI school. The former two are an answer to a good trivia question, I was just wondering if there were any others.

I don't know if you were being sarcastic or tongue-in-cheek, but I think you meant: "The CFL RARELY, if ever, reads any comments on here; let alone monitoring what is place(d) on here."

You gentlemen want to see bad or no proofreading, or editing, start reading Yahoo news and articles an a daily basis. It's astonishing. No journalistic standards at all are being adhered to.

I defiantly agree with you.

I remember pre-Madonna fondly. Those were the days :slight_smile:

Definitely or defiantly? Both will work :slight_smile:

You're prolly right.

A comparison using "then" instead of "than" is my big internet bugaboo.

"Drew Willy is a better quarterback then Darian Durant."


I have trouble with affect and effect.

Same here.

(and to clarify, when I wrote that then/than is my bugaboo, I meant that it’s my “pet peeve.” The other is “would of” instead of “would have.”)

Just like there are different levels of players. There are different levels of spellers. Like some cartoons I have seen, "yesterday I couldn't even spell Inganeer and now I are one" :slight_smile: . But we know what they mean, that's all that matters.

You're joking right?
I don't see any smiley face after this, but you must be joking.

Some posts are so poorly written (spelling/grammar/punctuation) that they should come with a built in translator.
Code writers couldn't do a better job. :roll:

Hey TDB not to worry because it's rather obvious that DB while most likely only joking is clearly "Cluless" :lol: :wink: