Who plays who doesn't?

Since the remaining of the season does not mean anything, next two games anyway, do you play Vernon if he is healthy and others that would use some rest?

I would not mind if the Als put their B team on the field


IMO … Home games deserve the full team … road games can get some rotations going to tune up

These last 3 games are a juggling act, not sure if there is a perfect way of managing them.

  • You want to prevent injuries.
  • You want to rest some of the regulars.
  • You want to look at some of the newcomers.
  • But you don’t want the starters developing rust.
  • You want to polish some of your offense (Khari stated this.)
  • But you don’t want to reveal too much to the Eskimos.
  • You have 2 home games which you would like to win, but at least show well.

Khari will certainly be earning his pay.

imo Als should play every starter he can and play to win every game… This is a team that needs to reacquire the culture of winning.

I would add that if a game starts to get out of reach, Jones pulls his starters ( or as many as possible).

I would also give Bowman some time off at some point before the playoff game.

Herb reporting that Bowman and Tommie Campbell have not practised all week. They seem uncertain to play.

Rest/rotate Bowman and a few vets. Otherwise play hard, to win. Do we want to finish the season with a losing record? That’s not good momentum for the playoffs.