who played themself off the team last night?

No way Rodriguez goes anywhere. The team brought him here knowing he probably needs a nother year of development. Woods I think stays too, he's had a good camp. I think they find a spot for Siskowic, and from the sounds of today's interview Glavic i making the team as well. Woodcock I'm not sure on I think he makes it but I wouldn;t be shocked either way. The other very well could be gone.

Funniest comment ever on ticats.ca.

I didnt' see the first game but based on last night I think Siskowic might be gone or practice roster he had a wide open special teams opportunity on the returner, squared him up and go flattened and got his helmet knocked off....didn't look over impressive on ST at all.

That's one play I noticed...but for what it's worth he didn't look all that special to me.

Won't cut Bauman but if Obie is not impressed at least trade him for something. Normally I would be pretty peeved that a 1st overall pick only lasts one year but I believe Obie is waiting on the other pick this year to get cut by Indy and he will walk right on

Yes i agree. you should never cut a Willi. that would be terrible.

He (with chris Thompson) chased down Vanderjagt and almost blocked a punt. That in itself may have given him a roster spot.

My guess:
QB: Printers, Chang, Williams,
RB: Lumsden, Caulley, Williams
FB: Piercy, Pavlovic
WR/SB: Miles, Mitchell, Cohen, Ponder, French, Baumann, Woodcock
C: Hage, Hudson
G: Dyakowski, Marcoux, Bekasiak
T: Cavka, Woodard, Thomas

DE: McKayLoescher, Keith, Dickerson
DT: Adams, Lewis, Wayne
LB: Moreno, Knowlton, Mariuz, Siskowic, Botterill
CB: Bradley, Gordon, Mitchell
DB: Thompson, Mays, Robinson
S: Glasper, Beveridge
P/K: Setta
LS: Robichaud
KR/PR: Smith, Caulley, Cohen

Starters in Bold

Practice Roster:
Porter, Lavigne-Masse, D. Mitchell, Kordic, Jackson, Tisdale, Ince

Giffen, Bo Smith, Lewis, Tinker, Reid, Kania, Nedd, Roberts, Glavic, Kinney, Woods, JoJo, Davis, Rempel, Rodriguez