Who played the worst?

Who do you think played the worst in that game?

O-Line not making holes or anything resembling a pocket.

Recievers dropping balls.

Running Back not getting out of the Backfield.

Quarterback missing targets.

Defencive line not getting pressure.

Linebackers not tackling.

Secondary leaving everybody open / not tackling.

Special teams not protecting kicker.

Return game going nowhere.

Is that everybody yet? It's bad when everybody had a bad game.

woooohoooo first vote lol

i voted QB but our secondary was piss poor as well.

There is a reason for that.

We predominantly play man D. 5-8 yard Crossing routes over the middle are near imposible to defend against the way the defense was set up. What normally happens if team is doing that is the LBs will float in thoes lanes to protect agains't that play, BUT our front 4 can't get any pressure so Lloyd and McKenzie came on just about every play where there was a short crossing route. The reason why receivers hate running that short crossing route is because the LB normally make them pay a huge price for doing it, but no line backers = nickle and diming a defence to death.

I actually think our secondary played very well to be honest. Only bad play was when ED got burnt by Peterson for the TD. Biggest prob on D was that the front 7 couldn't take care of AJ Harris.

I really feel that our coaching staff was to blame. We knew from last game that Edmonton would stack the box and take away the run. Why did we not take that away from them at the begining of the game with roll outs, quarterback draws and hitch passes? Don't even get me started on the 49 yard field goal attempt into the wind... .

How about all of the above? You win as a team and lose as a team, and nobody on the Riders, not even the coaches, can say they had particularly good night.

I ain't gonna lay any blame on Dressler. That kid played his heart out. If only I had a cloning machine.

We really should have used Wes Cates more, on the screen passes, when we did at the end of the game I shook my head, why not use that play when we still had a chance to win, Crabdell played terrible but receivers weren't helping much either.

Mike Washington was on the field for at least 1 play, they said his name.

I like Mike Palmer but come on, learn how to hold onto the ball!!

Same goes for you Adirus Bowman.

We need pressure, who cares about sacks I would just like some pressure.

That was frustrating to watch last night.

ya i dont get it the hitch passes to Cates worked so good in the past but we never use them anymore... its like our playbook consists of 4 plays. HB Draw, Qb Draw, 10 yard Hook, once in a blue moon, overthrown Long Bomb.