Who owns Wake's rights?

If Cam Wake were to come back to the CFL, does he owe the Lions 1 more year?

I think he left in his option year.

If he would be a free agent, he’d be a good guy to go after with all of the other BC guys we have here.

Good point the NFL agreement(enslavement?) is OVER . who owns a players neg rights now if they go south and then want to come back?

yea it is his option year, but i think he would opt out to get some big bucks. Or....would it mean he opted out when he went to the NFL and would technically be a free agent?

BC would still own his CFL Rights Unless they don't pick up the Option.
He'll make the phins so no chance he is back

I wouldn't say that, he's 4th on there depth chart

He won't be coming back this year and he is very close to Wally. I can't see him anywhere but in BC.

He'll make the Practice Roster Atleast-

Honestly, how do you know?

They want him to be a hybrid LB/DE. I honestly don't see him in that role. To me he is a pure pass rusher.

I wish Cam all the best. Well, maybe I don't considering I love the Bills but I love seeing ex-CFLers play well in the NFL.

An olb in their system is a pure pass rusher

He'll be staying there because his signing bonus (guaranteed money) was $1 million. That pretty much locks him up for this year in Miami. Either active or practicce roster. I honestly see him being on their active roster if not immediately then by the end of the year.

They have to stars who would dbe in one of the spots he'd play but bith are getting older and Taylor is coming off an injury plagued year in Washington.

from http://www.thephinsider.com/2009/8/10/983451/dolphins-training-camp-week-one

Hot: Cameron Wake - After a slow start, Wake has really caught fire. He's exerting his physical prowess and getting to the quarterback. He stood out late in the week during the 2-minute drills - sacking Chad Henne on back-to-back plays. But een before that, Wake was getting pressure on the quarterback with some consistency. Then on Saturday, Cameron picked up a sack and numerous QB pressures. And make no mistake about it, Wake's performance this offseason could impact Jason Taylor's role. It was originally thought that Jason would see limited action to keep him fresh. But if Wake could step in and spell either Taylor or Joey Porter regularly, the coaching staff would probably have fewer reservations with giving Taylor the starting job and increasing his expected workload.