Who owns/owned their CFL rights

Some buddies of mine and I were wondering which CFL teams own the rights for past and present NFL players…

For example…

Who owns the rights for Tom Brady ??
Who owned the rights for OJ Simpson ??
Who owned the rights for Bruce Smith ??

The question is pretty odd but it makes for some interesting disussion.

Simpson's rights - maybe owned by Corrections Canada?

Are these guys considered non-imports? Cause if they are imports, no one has their rights, as they can't be drafted in the CFL.

I know the Montreal Expos drafted Tom Brady as a catcher. Maybe the Als could borrow those rights (though it is useless to have the rights to Brady in the CFL anyways).

maybe the CFL will get enough in sponsorship money that we can steal away a good quarterback like mcnabb or manning.....

But probably not in my lifetime

Corrections Canada also own Lawrence Phillips rights too...don't they????

I would have to surmise most of these players do not have their rights signed anywhere in the CFL ... Its a waste of a CFL teams time to even bother with most all of these players ... I dont remember any team really doing this with the exception of the Bombers a few years back ... They had some sort of agreement with Deion Sanders ...

Either way - i won't hold my breath.


U.S. players don't get drafted, but there rights are added to different teams negociation lists, and they have exclusive rights to them for the CFL.
For example Montreal has the rights to Maurice Clarett.
But CFL teams don't bother with putting NFL Superstars on the list.

The negotiation list is something I don’t fully understand. (Yes, there actually is something!)

Is there a limit to the number of players on a team’s negotiation list?

Isn’t there a rule that says that if a serious effort is not made to sign a player, that team loses their negotiation rights?

If the answer to both these questions is no, then what’s to stop a team from putting EVERYONE on their negotiation list, just so other teams can’t have them?

I’m sure all those players were put on a negotiation list at one time, and Brady may still be on someone’s, probably right out of college. But now that they’ve made a name for themselves in the NFL (and in Simpson’s case, for other things :roll:) , no one expects them to come up to Canada.

I don't fully understand it myself. But yes they can lose there rights to a player.
For example, Montreal had the exclusive rights to Casey Printers before BC did and Jim Popp decided to release his rights for some reason. And BC's Bob Ackles heard about him from a radio dj in Texas or something and put him on BC's negociation list.
But how do the teams get the rights? Is it first come,first serve? I think so.

Each team is allowed up to 35 players on their negotiation list, which is usually done through the players agent, the league monitors each teams list to avoid duplication, if a player on your list decides he wants to come to the CFL then you have 10 days to agree on a contract otherwise the player is free to pursue other teams. It would make no sense to have players on your list who you do not have a hope in hell of playing in the CFL or that you wont be able to agree to a contract with.

Yeah it sounds about right, but are you sure that they are free agents after only 10 days, if they can't agree on a contract?
I'm not sure about that!

Yup, 10 days to reach a contract otherwise his agent can look elsewhere.

Alright, Thanks!

I guess they usually give them a workout during that time too.