who, other than Rod Rust, might be our new DC?

I like the thought of Rod Rust being hired to be our new Defensive Coordinator, but his age is cause for alarm. When he became ill 2 years ago halfway through the season, the Bombers D fell apart. I'd hate to see that happen to our D if Rust suddenly got sick. (I know this sounds like "age-prejudice," and I know that a yonger man can suddenly get health problems too, but age, in this circumstance, is a serious issue).

So who are some other candidiates for D-Coordinator? Does anyone know of any college D-Coordinators Taaffe has worked with over his career who he might look to?

Don't be concerned about being criticized for "age prejudice".
Old age brings with it a variety of changes, some good, some not so good. Both sides probably apply to Rod Rust.

On the positive side, age brings a MUCH larger area of experience, which should enable the older coach to apply specific solutions to problems he has faced before.

On the negative side, there often are health problems, as is the case with Don Matthews, and seems to apply to Rust.

Look, this happens, and older people face this as a facet of growing older. So, if Rust's old age is compounded by health problems, so be it. It's NOT prejudice, it's just facing facts.

Why not Greg Marshal?

Yes, he may be looking for a head coaching job, but the Tabbies can bring him in as DC and Assisstant Headcoach with the liklihood of making him headcoach two or three years down the road.


I think the plan is to have a longer run than 2 or 3 years with Charlie as the HC.

For some reason I seem to think Rust's problems with Winnipeg wasn't due to his health broblems but his spouses health problems.

My understanding is that the Bombers were cool about letting Marshall explore a head coaching opportunity elsewhere -- as is the convention for dealing with coordinators' aspirations for promotion. However, Marshall is the DC of the Bombers and from what I gather, any idea the Bombers would let him go elsewhere for an identical DC job is venturing into the murky realm of tampering.

Oski Wee Wee,

Regarding Rod Rust, if he's good to go, he'd be a welcome addition. It is a health issue for me looking at it from the outside.

Having a healthy Rod Rust on staff mentoring an eventual successor working under him would be a positive development. There is no question he has the wisdom to put an effective defensive system in place that the Ticats could build upon for years to come.

Oski Wee Wee,

Is Chris Jones from the Als a possibility to become defensive coordinator in Hamilton?

So far, Rod Rust has been the only one identified by Coach Taaffe as a candidate for the job of Ticat defensive coordinator.

If Rust is not available, former Ticat assistant coach Don Wnek, who is now assistant coach (defensive line) at Baylor, might be a good alternative. Wnek was the defensive line coach in Montreal in 1996-1997 and 1999-2001. In that latter stint with the Alouettes, he worked for Taaffe and Rust. Wnek has previous experience at the position of defensive coordinator, having filled that role for the B.C. Lions in 1998 and for Birmingham of the now defunct XFL in 2001. Here is his bio:

[url=http://baylorbears.cstv.com/sports/m-footbl/mtt/wnek_don00.html]http://baylorbears.cstv.com/sports/m-fo ... don00.html[/url]

I say bring in Rust as DC. But brign him in to train one of the D-coaches to becoem the new DC. This way we get full benifit of his talents now, someone is ready to step-up if he is sick and we will in a way have his skills for many years to come.

Rust is the guy that Charlie wants for sure.

He has worked with Gary Blackney recently at Maryland, but wants someone wih more CFL experience as he said in his press conference.

I don't think that he will go after Greg Marshall. Marshall may end up taking a head coching job with Ottawa this year if they ever select an ownership group. It would be better to have a guy committed to a few years here who will not be looking for the stress of a head coaching job.

I also think that he won't go after Marshall because Charlie used to work with Berry in Montreal, and doesn't want to garner ill will by raiding the Winnipeg coaching cupboard bare.

I can't wait for free agent signings and hires to be announced. Merry Christmas!!

Ottawa won't Team this year.
for that matter I think ottawa is dead forever.

As long Charley think Rod can do job
I say bring him in..