Who or what players are cut before Lavour Day -

In light of the salary protection rule that states players will retain their salary if they are on the roster after Labour Day. Who do you think will get cut before this date? I beleive Greg Peach will be cut.......Any other opinions?

It wouldn't surprise me if Walker was released given the emergence of both Gable and Moore.
IMO, Walker could be utilized effectively in the slot, although the Cats are stockpiled with talent at that spot, and will not be given priority over a NI.

OT Dile may also be one of the cuts due to inconsistent play and sporadic starts as of late.
Being an import doesn't necessarily help either.

I wouldn't be surprised to see any of those above names let go. I really liked peach when he played in Edmonton but all I can remember since he showed up in Hamilton is injures.

I agree that peach has been a disappointment since siging with us,as well as walker being let go.....moore has moves,just needs to learn how to wait for a punt to come to him.

Is Lavour Day a new french holiday ?

I think Walker will be cut with the emergence of Tavoy Moore. However, I don't think Austin has utilized his talents very well. He would be very effective on screen passes. Also, why was he only tried on Kick Returns and not Punt Returns?

It’s a tiered system has far as how much you have to pay out and after which game based upon years in the league. Full details can be found here; http://media.cfldb.ca/documents/cfl-cfl … t-2010.pdf


6 years or more. Deadline is 9th game. After that 9th game 100% of salary paid & charged to cap.
5 years. 10th game. 100%
4 years. 11th game. 100%
1-3 years. 14th game. No salary paid but benefits continue.

Also, the years calculation includes the current year playing.

Thanks for posting FenderGuy69.

Agree with Peach and Dile, but if salary is the consideration would keep Walker. I don't think he would be making that much to warrant dropping him at this point.

With Lamar still on the 9 game, I'd be shocked if they were to release Walker at this stage. They need insurance in case Gable goes down. Moore is untested and anyone else they might bring in would have to learn the offense.

Peach and Dile would be my two choices as well.Peach has been a dissapointment since signing here last year,more time on the injury list than on the field.Dile or TurnStile never impressed me last year,always thought he was the weak link on the O-line,too many penalties and too slow for my liking.I know I might get some flack for this next one but here goes.....Dave 'Sticky" Stala.....a real possibility being that he's not being used this season,rarely sees the feild anymore,and most likely has an above avg. salary. Campeau has just be re-added to the active roster from p.r. and is most likely not making what Dave is in salary.I hope I'm wrong here,and really it's just speculation on my part,but management has made unpopular moves and releases in the past (Knowlton,Morealle,Hitchcock,Cobourne,Bruce etc.)So I wouldn't be all that surprised if this indeed did happen.Before you start slamming me,bear in mind I'm a huge Stala fan,love the guy and his contributions over the years here.But when it comes to the business side of football,sometimes management has to make moves that they know will be unpopular with the fan base and upsetting to the majority of us.

I was thinking the same thing. Thank you for being brave enough to say it though, I was trying to be the ostrich with it's head in the sand. I hate to lose him but I'm sure the powers that be are considering it. Perhaps they'll move him to a coaching or consulting position, his experience should count for something

I agree. I like Stala too, but he's up there in years and salary. Austin evidently doesn't think his performance level is high enough to push someone else out of the way to make room for him. KA's judgment abut that is far more compelling than the views of any fan. Popularity with the fans is the worst reason for making roster moves. Stala could be gone, sad though it may be to see.