not me,
i'm willing to let an experienced vet coach like taafee lead my team and carry a little faith that this progression is real.

Marsh won Coach of the Year, and look what the organization did to him. Don't be surprised if the same thing happens to Taaffe at some point.

Though I too have faith in his abilities.

Look at the records Marshall put up AFTER he was Coach of the Year...that is why the organization "did it" to him...

And look at Taffes record AFTER the award 0 and 5 and counting. So what was the point?

Good for you, but I don't see the point of this thread; nobody here is qualified to have an opinion according to your criteria.

and look who his qb was

I can't understand why that
is not obvious to more people,

but for some reason so many fans think
they sit in a better position to judge

every last thing to do with the team
than a proven successful coach does

Beats me.

The point is that no one who is smart knew that this wasn't going to get turned around in 5 weeks.

We're building to something special here and I like that fact that it's Coach Taaffe that is running the show.

Things are looking up.

I may not have won two coach of the year awards, but I am not on a 5 game losing streak either!!!

I’m on a 3 year losing streak personally. I keep going to the games and I keep failing to witness a winning team

Oh…I forgot. Back on topic.

I haven’t won CFL Coach of the Year twice.

But I did stay at a Holiday Inn.


HaHa good one.

Gardisten, we can all have fun
stating our opinion about
the pros and cons of players

and the pros and cons of what Charlie
does as Head Coach is fun, too

but it serves no purpose to call for
some player or some coach's head

because NOT ONE OF US

IT only draws the wrath of people
with different opinions to your's

and reading angry posts
IS NOT what I call fun.

then you don't know how to have fun

Now I see what makes you tick, argoconvert.

This kind of stuff. :twisted:

Yes, I've wondered what the problem with some posters is.

I'm all for open and free exchange of opinion and (generally) against censorship BUT, there comes a time when too much is too much.

Anger management problems? Stalking? Bullying?

No matter, IMHO,it highlights some of what's wrong with the Internet (ie, anonymous haranguing).

My suggestion is to just ignore the source whenever it's felt appropriate. Nothing bothers some as much as being ignored. If there is no one willing to respond or "fight back" it becomes a one-sided "soliloquy".

I read many of these threads and just give my head a shake while rarely posting. What's the point as it's often like beating your head against a brick wall (IIRC, pointed out by someone only to be further dissed).

Sigh :frowning:

While here...

As a big and long time TiCat's fan and obviously disappointed at the 0-5 record, I do see positive signs and improvement and I do defer to management and Coach Taffe. He does have decades of knowledge and success so until it's shown to be a total disaster, I'll give the organization the benefit of the doubt.

(Mr Zeke Moreno was quite upset at the Bombers on the last play in Winnipeg (pointing to and yelling at their bench) so I'm anxious to see how he reacts on Friday. He was seen as developing as a team leader and this incident may seal the deal.)


I am just responding the way certain posters want . You know those with no interest in civil discourse

Argoconvert, you post a lot of what I view as negative comments as do some other posters. Your constant negative comments as well as other peoples constant negative comments make this site a very unpleasant place to be.

I love the cats and I'm glad this site is here I like to have information about my team and read the news. I'm not a quitter or a whinner but I may not read posts here for a while because I just don't appreciate reading constant negative posts.

Some will say "fine, don't let the door hit you in the ass on the way out" or call me a wimp or other such stuff and that is fine. It is a shame though when a fan comes to this site and is bombarded with constant negative comments.

Contatntly being negative is your right and that is your opinion argoconvert and you are more than welcome to it, i'm just sick and tired of reading it.

I’d love nothing better than to be positive. Show me something of substance to be positive about