Who on the o-line needs to go -- lets point fingers

It seems to be consensus that the O-line needs an upgrade. The only name that is tosssed around is Printers the QB. Lets start naming o-lineman. At least Printers shown some greatness and proves he is a professional. Lets start naming line that has done nothing or little to help win.


Cant believe all these people calling for Printers head but will not name one
o-lineman who needs to be replaced.

Maybe it's just that people are starting to get sick of attacking players and coaches personally, or reading such attacks in posts here. Perhaps that's just wishful thinking on my part, but hope springs eternal.

Anyway, I have no desire at all to see a bunch of stuff referring to decent, professional people as blockheads, idiots, useless, morons, etc., etc., etc. Just doesn't interest me.

I wish all our players and coaches, new arrivals and recent or prospective departures, the best of luck and success.

I agree 100%

Honestly, if Printers is available, I would trade Goodspeed and Brown for him.

Something that has bothered me about the O-Line, and special teams also, are all the bad snaps.

And this has been going on for years now.

It was happening when Maas was QB and before Taaffe was coach.

8) I agree with you completely "stevehvh".
 Some of the degrading comments made about Charlie in the past few weeks were simply disgusting and uncalled for.  

 The insulting comments and names that Charlie was called, best describe the members on here that made those said comments  !!

We don't have the personnel to run a singleback, 5-WR base set. The receivers cannot adjust on the fly to get open from blitz recognition or through option routes and using only one back limits the protection in the backfield and reduces the possibility of using screens and swing passes since puss rushers often come through unabated.

The fact the O.C. is now the head coach may cause that intransigence to adjust to what the opponents are doing to be reinforced!

Woodard was the one guy whose pass blocking skills had clearly eroded.

Having said that. the need to establish a balanced attack in every first quarter is imperative. We simply do not impose enough physicality early in the game, so our offense too often goes back on its heels instead of putting some smashmouth in its m.o.

I would prefer to see some alternatives around on the practice roster or the active one before playing the "who's next" game. WHO REPLACES THE "CUTTABLE" is as big a question.

It's a silly situation because until we get receivers who can get consistently open running this kind of spread offense, the built-in weaknesses of insufficient backfield protection BY SCHEME are going to be there, period.

Oski Wee Wee,