Who now is Longest Sevring Ticat??

With So Many Of vets Gone traded or Cut.
Who now is longest Serving Ticat..

I thought it maybe Roger

Anyone Know for Shure

I believe Ryan Donnelly, and Sandy Beveridge are.

My bad it's Matt Robichaud.

Dr David Levy, team Dr. Started in the late 70's.

The longest serving Ticat player is Ryan Donnelly who has been on the team for 6 years. The runners-up are Matt Robichaud, Sandy Beveridge and Julian Radlein all of whom have played five seasons with the team.

Pascal Raved About Dr Levy to me .
Said he was somthing Special

"Doc" Levy is indeed "something special"!

Our kids' Tae Kwon Doh instructor used to do "demonstrations" of his art for Children's Wish Foundation Fundraisers, and after punching through bricks, splitting boards and whatnot would show up at Dr. Levy's with "two hands like five pounds of sausage meat" to be "rebuilt" for the next week's classes..

Just another "hidden Strength" of our City and our football team, that fails to be mentioned a lot here...

This is Matt Robichaud's 4th season, TCTD.

He signed as a free agent from
Ottawa before the 2004 season.

Local boy, Roger, [Dundas] is in his 3rd season.


Have a Happy Birthday on Monday, Roger.

Keep playing so well on that D-line for us

and you and your line-mates
will lead the way to victory
for the team in Montreal.

Hi ronfromtigertown:

This is Matt Robichaud's fifth season as a Ticat. In addition to his four consecutive seasons with the team since 2004, he also played for the Ticats back in 2001.

You got me there, TCTD. You are right.


I was at press conference at Philty Mc Nasty's in Burlington
at which it was announced that Mike Morreale was returning
from Toronto and Matt Robichaud was returning from Ottawa.

I think Donnelly


Well done, Espo! Although Ryan Donnelly (six years of service) is the longest serving Ticat currently on the active roster, Pascal Cheron, who is presently on the injured list, is in his seventh year of service with the team.