WHo needs to be Replaced on DEFENSE?

I know everyone is all over GLATT and certainly he is not a middle linebacker in CFL football. He is not too bad in passing downs, almost showing that he is good enough to cover but not strong enough to tackle and shed off blocks.

I notice that when the Lions lose that some players are basically mailing it in which is FINE, because there are plenty of players sitting at home ready to play if called upon.

I don't care about NAMES and what you did in the PAST, its what hAVE YOU DONE FOR ME LATELY--

Dante MARSH- Teams have figured out that basically although he is quick and reacts well that he is a terrible corner, he has poor ball skills and makes no interceptions. He is especially susceptible to any double moves. He can only turn around and run with a receiver. He is also undersized and cannot cover the bigger receivers--

Glatt- For obvious reasons he should be playing special teams, and come in on passing downs, but we NEED 3 good tackling FEROCIOUS linebackers--

Brent JOHNSON- Is it me or does he show up once every four or five games, this is a player who was an ALL Star, watching him vs CGY, and Winnipeg he is MAILING it in, getting NO PASS RUSH- He looks smaller and slower, He was at his best in his first few years after OHIO STATE when he was likely bigger and stronger having played in USA-- He looks like he is not focussed on football and is not an ALL STAR rusher- I think we can get good value if we trade him because of his name-

Barron Miles- He brings a lot of things to the team, including blocked kicks, smarts, and a good brain in the secondary- HOWEVER looking at succesfull team they don't have a 37 year old SAFETY- They all have safeties in the mid twenties to late twenties and a safety that CAN HIT and cover a lot of ground-
Barron Miles is just a step slow, and is exposed and he rarely makes a good HIT and stands back to deep in the secondary and teams know this as he is not making interceptions anymore.

FOLEY- He has to go he is not impressive they can find a better player I am sure-

I think Phillips is capable, Banks is good, Hunt is okay and Armour can work well with Mckenzie--

Not sure If Benevides is totally to blame here , He may have to go back to the drawing board and change his defense a little and make some personnel changes . He was considered for a head coaching position and I think you just don’t lose it overnight . but then again you may be right easier to fire 1 guy the the hole defense.

Right now I don’t think its productive to rip individual coaches or players, though I am sure Benevides has been losing sleep since the Winnipeg game. Everybody gets beat at times and everybody excels at times. They win or lose together.

In my opinion, our problem on defense is more fundamental than replacing players or coaches: the linebackers have to play their positions. They need to stay out of the wash and make that first good play, or hit, on the runner or receiver. They can’t do that if they’re constantly getting two guys caught in one gap.

What we're lacking is consistency, from everyone on the team.  We don't need perfection or super-human efforts.  Just play hard and smart; compete and be consistent for sixty minutes.  We seem almost to be trying too hard, too over-aggressive, too desperate. Its kind of like in hockey, when the players start grabbing the sticks too tight.

I don't care whether you're in sports or businesses: what employers (read Wally) need from employees (the players and coaches)is consistency from day to day (game to game), and improvement from year to year.  

Bye the way, kudos to Adrianne Arcenuault for a huge effort in a losing cause.  

Dooger in sunny Slurry

I don't think they need an overhaul. I think they literally need to learn how to tackle again. So many times our players are in the right positions, hit the opposing player but do not take them down.
As weird as it sounds, I htink as soon as their tackling improves, you'll see a dramatic change.

Johnson and Foley on the outsides are the only decent thing about the lions front 7 so far, both get double teamed and when they do break around they do the job.
Hunt has been a waste of big space and what is a Gibbs?, or as in the last game a Williams?....nothing but a pylon. we need something on the interior of the line, that can take the heat off our outside rushers.

Banks, great player but outsized at linebacker, put him back in the defensive backfield, Armour, and McKenzie, get them someone to let them do their job better, moving to the ball is their strength, and instead they have to cover for others....it's killing their game.
Banks & Miles are fine for the backfield, but the midgets of Marsh , Toney , and George.....Are any of them over 5'10" unless they can learn to leap like Cam Wake, replace them with someone who's parents weren't vertically challenged.

Phillips?, if he wants to touch the ball and not tackle anyone, let him return punts.

I still say let the tackle demons Arakgi and Yurichuk have a shot, they hustle, they hit , and they are big boys, put one of them in at Linebacker for Banks, let him go back in the backfield......I guarantee Arakgi would be a Gladiator his first game, IF they let him.

DBs taller than 5'10'' don't just spring up out of the grass. Generally, if you're tall enough to see eye to eye with a receiver, you ARE a receiver. Behemoths like Brandon Browner are pretty rare. It's not about your size, it's about your skills in coverage and your willingness to play aggressively on the edge.

In any case, your DBs were hardly the problem in the loss to Winnipeg. The front-seven has to improve against the run, no ifs, ands, or buts. I agree with the poster who opined that improving means playing disciplined, controlled football -- staying in your gaps, avoiding the wash, and tackling properly. Football 101.