who needs Glenn we got Porter

I know it would be nice to get Kevin Glenn and see what Quinton Porter could learn from him but honestly I think Quinton Porter would be capable of being the starter this year. THe last 5 games or so he put up some good numbers(check link to see for yourself)


I really think he would be a lot more effective then Casey Printers and with a lot of training camp time, I think he could do it. I know its a lot to ask from a new quarterback overall but i have faith that he could do it for us. I was really impressed by him..what do you all think??

I believe Porter can be a starter as well. But if he goes down early in the season, we need good experienced depth at the QB psition. If we can't keep Casey, then I think Glenn would be good man to have around as an experienced backup. That is, assuming he comes to play after having to take a substantial paycut.

Experience can be overrated at times. Why get an old QB just because he's been around? I think Adam Trafalis will be fine at #2 with Richie Williams #3. Young QB's need to play & if they're surrounded by talent and aren't asked to win games on their own, they'll be fine.

8) How right you are !! Just in case Mr. Porter falters out of the gate, we better be sure we have an experienced QB, ready to step in, or we could be in for another long season.
  Adam Trafalis has only played a few downs for us in a clean up role and there is certainly no proof that he is going to be the second coming  !!!

  As far as Richie Williams goes, it is obvious that Obie and Marcel have lost faith in him, and I believe he will be the odd man out this year.

 It all boils down to having an experienced CFL QB on your roster, or you could very well be in a lot of trouble  !!

IMO the Ticats are set at QB with Porter and Williams. oh ya and Printers

I'll be surprised if William's breaks camp with the CATS.

There is the possiblity that when Marcel sat Richie down
late in the season saying that he wanted to get a read on

what Quinton Porter could do as a starter, he meant it,

and Richie will be our 'experienced' 4th QB in training camp.