Who needs firewood?

the Tiger-Cats will attempt to remove your season seats from Ivor Wynne and provide it to you as is

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[url=http://store.ticats.ca/product.php?productid=1268&cat=174&page=1]http://store.ticats.ca/product.php?prod ... 174&page=1[/url]

Drat! I thought this had something to do with Burris and Cortez and stakes and fire.

It the Ticat organization is willing to PAY ME for years of frustration, anger, humiliation and embarrassment,

I'll take my old seat off their hands for $74.99.

They have got to be joking.

Who the hell would pay $75 to own a decades old, worn out plank that has absorbed thousands of beer farts. :cowboy:

Couldn't I just take a small square of scrap wood, paint it yellow and scribble a number on it in magic marker?

Be cheaper I would think...

Why would you want to do that when for just $700.00 you could have one that was painted by a real city employee, all framed, with some unsold seasons tickets and a picture to boot.

[url=http://www.cbc.ca/hamilton/talk/story/2012/10/10/hamilton-ivor-wynne.html]http://www.cbc.ca/hamilton/talk/story/2 ... wynne.html[/url]

Every blade of turf, every piece of steel, and every bathroom sign will be hacked up and sold in little pieces for prices that are a slap in the face to fans that have attended IWS for their lifetimes. My current seats have seen me put out a total of $30,000 since '95 and that’s a soft estimate using pre-Young pricing, that’s not part of any group, that’s straight out of pocket and bringing more friends and first timers than most.
I understand it’s ultimately about trying to make this franchise financially stable but never has this team been so far removed or had such a huge void between the team and it’s fans. There’s hardly a single season ticket holder that at some point in their childhood didn’t stand at that fence and try to see as much game action as they could or try to mooch tickets off players, now the fence is covered and for the sole purpose of making certain no one watches that doesn’t pay, children and future ticket buyers or not.
The employees of the Hamilton Tiger-Cats have a turnover almost as steady as Steel Car and relationships between fans and management are nearly as cold now as a salesman and a customer, rarely is it anything more. I’d like to believe that the fan base is being respected, and the fact that this is still a working class city is being considered when setting prices for things like a piece of a goal post or piece of painted wood but sadly it doesn’t look that way.
When Bob Young was asked once how much and how often he plans on raising ticket prices he responded. ‘as much as the market will bear’, and that’s not a reasonable way to approach this city. Our attendance is not over twenty thousand like some fans think, this team comps out about 20%, do the math, it puts us under twenty thousand average.
Is this team so incredibly popular that they can charge 800 dollars for a piece of something that most of us have spent more time in than any (current) team employee or owner?
$75.00 for a seat sounded not too bad if it was the fiberglass ones with a back, for a piece of wood it seemed steep but some fans have bum prints in them they’ve sat there so long, I’m sorry but $800.00 for anything, framed and with some overprint tickets and a picture is gouging the people that kept this team alive over many seasons way worse than anything we’re currently seeing.

Why not wait til they start the demo then take whatever you want for free? You think the general contractor will want to pay dump fees when thousands of fans will just take stuff from him for free?

The hell with my seats I want some turf baby :rockin: some green carpet for my my deck , heck maybe I could rip out my entire lawn and have a piece of history , modern no watering , no weeds , that would be the cats A$$ :lol: how much a square yard ...????

I was thinking along the same lines Allen.

We've been thinking of doing this with our lawn as well but not sure what the squirrels would do and we live where there are loads of squirrels.

Why not get plastic squirrels to go along with the plastic lawn? :wink:

And then some rockinghorse people eating marshmallow pies... :wink:

Never thought of those ideas there chaps! :o :wink: