Who needs a new logo the most?

I like the Montreal and Ottawa logos. So what if it''s complicated? It's better than something boring like a letter.

im a fan of tradition so il say leave them the same

The only logo that can do with a change is Calgarys white hores. Its from the 1950s, all the other logos have changed through the years, as small as some have like the Eskimos and Roughriders, but Calgarys has never changed. I like tradition to, but you can't go forward with out some change. Take the hores and add some detail to it or something, that way you are staying with tradition but adding a little change.

I Enjoy Having The Western Teams Of The League Having The Classic Logos With The Team Initials, And All The Esatern Teams Have The Animated Caracters Charging Towards Each Other. That Was Great Cause The Teams Would Lineup Across From Each Other And Even The Logos Were Ready For A Fight. It Was The Best Untill The Argos Had To Go And Screw It Up. So My Vote Goes To The Argos.

Calgary has had it's logo for more than 35 years!!! needs a change.

Ottawa is fine, but having the R helmets back would be awesome!

Hamliton new one is good, but looks more like a tiger than a tiger/cat cross like the old one was.

Winnipeg's one is awesome, been around for less than 10 years. Doesn't need chaging.

i like all the logos the way they are espesally the clasics like calgary and edmontons. i think the gades should go back to the rough riders

I'm with Eskie32001, Blink and Stamps fan....Let some tradition develop, and stop changing every two or three years.

I agree with that as well.

Ottawa should bring back using an R on there helmet (but could stylize it a bit)

Sask could redo theirs, still use an S, but update the logo

Everyone else's is ok