Who needs a new logo the most?

okay people. which team needs a new look the most?

  1. Saskabush
  2. Eskies
  3. Argos (I liked having the guy with a shield better)
  4. Win-a-Pig (maybe we should use a pig as motivation)
  5. Stamps
  6. Lions
  7. Ti-Cats
  8. Gades

riders or the BB's

no one..how bout we keep tradition here, instead of pulling a toronto and change logos every 2 years...the riders are known for the "s", and the eskimos always have had the EE, the stamps have the horse, and the lions have their symbol, it should stay that way

Good point E-3201.

all the logos are good how they are…unless the argos bring back the dude with the shield, or the renegades could, somehow, get the old RuffRider-guy logo…keep the 'gade name tho…no room for 2 R-rider teams.

which do you hamilton fans prefer....Tony the Tiger.....or Garfield? Bob Young has 'gayed' that team right up.

I like the one with the Tiger head

Although I'm a big Gades fan, I gotta say the logo is a little 'cryptic'. Perhaps an R with a mapleleaf in the background? I dunno. But the stylized renegade just hasn't caught on...

I like it. It's better than a letter. Which is why I think the Riders or Bombers need a logo change

I guess I don't care that much milkman1042. I do like the name Renegades though. And I gotta say that Edmonton's double e is a classic. I hope they never change it.

I think the Lions could use a touch up. The one they have now isn't bad, but if one had to change I'd vote that way.

I love the Cats new logo...mostly because almost everything about it is the exact same as last year except the lines aren't so defined. Now when they shrink our logo for shirts/hat etc. I know that it is a Ti-Cats logo. The old logo is on my hat and golf towel and it just looks like little yellow splats.

Definitely a toss up between the EE and the S. The roughrider has all sorts of possibilities but what are you going to do with the eskimo.

i think sask. has one of the nicest logos in the cfl.....clear and clean. and i like the green....too bad the team sucks

They suck cause of the logo? Thought you could not stand posts like that. I'm positive I saw you post that you could not stand people who did not post logical reasons for their opinions.


The ARGOS should go back to the BOAT........however.........I am bised about that one.

I think that the best ones are........MONTREAL.........SASK.......and B.C.

The team that needs a new logo is the BC LIONS. It really sucks :oops: . With an unoriginal name like the "lions" i'd suggest they go for a Royal Crest style Lion as such : http://members.aeroinc.net/breners/buckswar/1/black_lion.jpg


There is one team that didn't need a new logo until they got a new logo. The Hamilton Tiger Cats (again, unoriginal feline name) new logo is too cartoony. The old one was crappy, but in a rugged kind of way, as if it had be designed by an O-Lineman, so it was okay. But now it has a 9 year old kid feel :stuck_out_tongue: , not good for a pro football team.

The GADES and ALS logo are a bit complex (not good), but somehow they are ok.

The best logo is the Calgary one, followed by EE, Sask and the Argos.

There are alot of letters and it is really a shame that Toronto and Montreal actually use the same letter for their logos.

only teams that need a logo change r edmonton and sask

i think sask can use a new logo its 2 plain nothing to it thats the only team i can say needs a new logo.

I agree completely hellothere. Bring back the boat from the 70’s and 80’s. That’s the true Argo logo