Who Needs a Canadian Fullback?

So which CFL team needs a Canadian fullback? I could see the ticats trading Radlein or Piercy really soon.

I'm thinking it will be Radlien that will be traded...Piercy is about the same size,faster and has great hands

If we could, I'd trade either one of them for a starting DT to help out McKay.

Rads and Piercy are both good players, so whoever we don't trade will still contribute.

We nedd an O lineman badly, who could get us a better one? I would say Radlein....

I suspect it's Radlein who will move, for the reasons catfan suggests. He went to UBC, so maybe he'd like a move to the west coast. No idea if BC would want or need him, or what they (or anyone else) would give in return.

I suspect Piercy is a LOT cheaper then Radlein and after seeing him drop a pass right in the numbers last weekend. Hamilton may trade him or outright release him. He hasn't been the same since his injury.

Maybe Radlein is done in Hamilton, but I doubt it. He looked to be running back to his pre-injury form to me last Monday. To me a more likely scenario is Hamilton going with a Canadian fullback to allow an import at another position. To do that they needed a backup which they now have in Piercy.
We'll have to see how it plays out.

What about Dickorson.....I would think both Radelina and Piercy stay and they shop Dickerson sticking with Canadians in that position

Radlein probably had his best game rushing last week.

The guy that is gone is Anthony Davis, first to practice roster then released.

Need to shop one of our full backs ie.tightends around for a quality OLINE filler.

move dickerson to tight end, and have him line up as a tight end on passing downs, so he can pass block and catch goalline passes.
The Ticats need to trade Brock Ralph and one of the FBs for a left tackle to protect Casey's blind side.

When I read the title of this thread, I thought you meant "Why did we trade for a Fullback?".

Which I believe is a better question.

What a waste of a trade when we have two very capable, healthy Fullbacks on the roster already.

We have holes all over this team and we decide to pick up a player that might contribute on special teams?

How about an OL, DL or CB? That's our three biggest needs. Hopefully, as others have mentioned in this thread, we trade one of these Fullbacks soon.

It's called gettting what you can for damaged goods.

Not saying we should've got some superstar in return, I just don't understand why we'd even consider a Fullback.

There had to be a prospect at another position that we actually need.

Some shoe will drop shortly, I think. Although I am a big Radlein supporter, I think that he is a strong possibility to be used as leverage in a trade deadline deal to address one of the weaknesses already discussed.

Obviously it was a chance for some SMS relief in moving Jason. More to the point, Casey needed to be clearly installed as the man. Mission accomplished.

Oski Wee Wee,

He might be a great special teams member. Who knows. We do know our special teams could use the help.

That I agree with. And maybe that's all we could get....who knows.

It just seems strange to me. I guess we'll have to wait and see Piercy in action.

If the cats were smart...
They'd trade a canadian fullback whether its Julian or Jeff to Winnipeg & aquire one of there several DB's. They need DB's! or former mcmaster OL Matt O'meara! I believe Julian for O'meara would go over well.

They made a mistake in the Maas deal. I know he was basically damaged goods I bet if the cats tried they could got DB Coby Rhinehart out of montreal or at least RB Dahrran Diedrick because Lumsden injury is still unsure. IMO