Who Misses Creehan's Defence??...lol

Had a terrible case of deja vu watching Winnipeg's defence last night. Minimal blitzing and the defensive backs getting chewed up by the offence. Still can't believe that the Bomber defensive veterans wanted Creehan back with open arms. Didn't see any chest bumping from Creehan during the game. How this guy is a Defensive Co-Ordinator in this league is beyond me!!!


The guy is a joke.

LOL…Apparently there was no openings for a coach in the Pee-Wee League System :wink: :lol:

Bombers are MORE than welcome to Creehan. Reading the fans' laments about the BB D on TSN site and wondering why they are surprised! :smiley:

Even funnier.. Bummer fans were raving about this guy when he was hired... citing it was our TALENT deficiency that caused us to have horrible defense....

:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

I am comfortable with Orlondo Steinhauer as Creehan's replacement. Getting the rookies on defence to mesh as a unit is definitely a work in progress, but progress is being made. He may not be Sudsy II out of the box, but you see his influence in what Orlondo is trying to install here. Creehan? He has a better front four to insulate himself while running his WTF playcalls, especially onthe back end.

Oski Wee Wee,


Rey Wms. cant stop the rush (again) Tisdale burned for winning TD. Like the old gang was back together this weekend.

Only thing missing is Creehan

What surprised me about Creehan's move back to Winnipeg was that Burke not only hired him, but trumpeted the hire perhaps trying to put down the criticism he took while in Hamilton. All this despite the fact that the two worked together in Montreal and that Burke was the engineer behind the Als great defenses then.

With such a good mentor and talent to work with, how can someone bumble so badly?

Like some co-ordinators are not meant to be head coaches (George Cortez), maybe some position coaches aren't meant to be co-ordinantors.

We complained about Creehan enough last year in Hamilton, glad he found a home in Winnipeg and was hired by Tim Burke who said that Creehan is one of the best Defensive Minds in the CFL and Bumber fans he was glad to see him go the first time, bought into the idea of having him back, well you get what you paid for in Winterpeg? Great Stadium, good fan support No team!!!

Im sure the players get tired of his constant "f-bombs over and over all practice long.....you dont need to be screaming and high fiving all game/practice long to get a professional players attention.... i feel sorry that he the only thing cortez had to choose from with any cfl experience last year,or george might still be here....thats what happens when a head coach gets hired in mid january....all the good coahces are gone.

Wpg's D is fading fast. Ticats o-line out muscled the front seven last game.
BB 's secondary is looking very much like Ticats from a year ago.
Wpg front four rush up field to get the quarterback on every play. A good offensive co-ordinator
can take advantage of that by screens, draws and mis-direction.
I am also noticing that they are weaker on fundamentals ( ie tackling, coverage technique )
Kent Austin said during training camp that improvement starts with fundamentals.
He's right .

Apparently, not Bummer fans!!

They brought in Creehan and now Bo Smith..... bummer fans are clambering for James Patrick and Markeith Knowlton.

Einstein's 1st rule of insanity : doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

Those self proclaimed experts in Bomber land will tell you how bad everyone else is and how great their team is until reality sets in. Then they find the biggest bus they can and start throwing players, coaches and GM's under it as fast as they can. Oh yeah and continue to talk crap about how bad the other teams are.