who might get cut because of $ next year?

With a new salary cap in place in 2007, some Ticat veterans who make good $ may have to be chopped next year in favour of younger, cheaper talent. Who do you believe might fall into this category? I'm thinking Cotton, Barrenechea, Wayne Shaw, Hitchcock, Morreale, Pat Fleming and Boreham.

Collier can replace Cotton, Zeke Moreno can replace Barrenechea, one of our good crew of cheaper DB's can replace Shaw, draft picks can replace Hitchcock and Morreale, and a single American can replace both kickers we have now.

I'm thinking the guys I've mentioned are probably making way too much $ for the amount they contribute on the field.

Some will probably take paycuts.

I don't think Barrenechea and and the kickers have very high salaries. And I hope Shaw doesn't.

I Think James Cotten will take Pay
Cut He loves Hamilton..

I think the more important question is who on the bloated Blue team roster will get cut due to $$$

My guess is that a few of the Argos will take pay cuts too to stay with the team. Avery has already taken a major reduction to stay. I read an estimate that it was from around $200k to $125k per season.

An Argo fan

ticat players get paid?

your kidding me?


While I don't doubt that every team has players who are going to take pay cuts to stay with the team (or even the league), my point was actually more sarcastic that I wrote it.

From what I understand, the team you cheer for has had a history of blowing any voluntary salary caps out of the water (case in point: Rocket Ismail - while it was "legal", it was certainly out of the spirit of the law.)

I'd love to be proven wrong, but I don't think too many teams would be able to prove it one way or the other.