Who makes up these schedules

Eastern Final at 9:30 am pst. Unforgivable. :slight_smile:

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It was a originally scheduled for 1pm EST (10am PST) but was adjusted to accommodate fans that also wanted to go the Jets game after the West Final.

The West Final was also moved up to 4pm EST as the Jets game was also adjusted to 8pm EST as well.

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East semifinal/final game should start at 4PM. West semifinal/final game at 7PM.

I think they need to get back to Sunday games if they want the fans to return, forget about what the nfl does. These late Friday , sat, games aren’t drawing fans in, they need to go back to what worked before, 60,000 in Olympic stadium. 50,000 in Toronto . 43,000 in Edmonton. Last Toronto games was Tuesday. 7000 ?

East. 2 p.m. west 5 p.m.

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Agreed. Since the league is still gate-driven more so than TV-driven (IIRC, gate and gameday revenues are about double the TV revenue from TSN), the the league has to refocus on what drives gameday attendance. Hosting more afternoon or early evening weekend games would allow more families to attend, which should help ensure that attending live games is part of the culture for the next generation of fans.

I’m not sure that has to be Sunday (rather than Saturday) afternoon games, but they should at least be studying it and open to it.

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4PM and 7PM in what time zone?

Eastern time zone

I can’t believe the CFL continues to sabotage itself with such dumb decisions.

When will Randy Bobandy proclaim the Grey Cup will be on a Wednesday morning?

Scheduling playoffs ought to take fewer brain cells than most of us think we have (BEFORE we’ve had a few too many).

IMHO… always give party-goers a break. They pay most of the bills in our host cities. If people have to be back at work on a Monday then for crying out loud don’t force them to drive back or board a plane right after the game. If you want a huge television audience then don’t force one end of our huge land to either PVR the game or stay up to the wee hours.

Other than that, who gives a rat? :partying_face:

I do not want my playoffs games atrting at 5… I want the 1:00-2:30 pm MST start

There will never be 100% agreement if this was on a ballot.

4PM and 7PM appeals to the eastern provinces of Canada (most population?)

For those of you on the west coast, you have a problem with a 1PM and 4PM kickoff local time (equivalent of 4PM/7PM Eastern time zone)?

I think it works out best for everyone as it is now. Western Canada is where teh game is most popular anyways