Who makes League decisions?

I'm curious about who made the decision regarding the knew stitching on the footballs for this season.

Was that something the manufacturer did on their own or did the Board of Govenors vote on this?

I've heard through the media a number of quarterbacks complain about the new footballs and was curious as to who made this decision.

And while on the topic of footballs and decisions, I recall about two or three seasons ago someone mentioned (possibly on this site) that without any fanfare, the CFL was now (or at that time) using NFL sized footballs.

Was this the case? Is it still the case now? Pardon the line but...are our balls no longer bigger?

If I was prone to conspiracy theories I'd say if all of this is indeed true than perhaps there's some covert operation to slowly convert the CFL passing oriented game to an NFL run oriented game.

I don't know about who makes decisions on the balls but the new Wilson grip stripes are also used on the NCAA balls which use a half stripe at each end. You can see these on the Wilson web site at:


These grip stripes are supposed to help the passing game especially when the ball gets wet.

I suppose it will take some time for the qb's to get used to these if Wilson continues to manufacter the NCAA and CFL balls as such.

Yes, the CFL ball is the same size as the NFL ball and has been for quite a few years now.

Also, while the NFL game may be more "run oriented", generally passing is still important there otherwise the qb's wouldn't be getting the big money they do. I think Linehart just signed for some $51 mill with the Cards, a tad pricey if his only mission was to handoff to rb's.

Interesting on the stripes here, for NCAA ball:

"Wilson exclusive grip stripes ensure control no matter where the ball is gripped, even on the stripes"


The spec's for the NFL and CFL footballs in terms of size overlap. In fact the CFL football would be a bit smaller if both were made to their maximum allowable sizes. The size difference was because the manufacturers were different. My understanding is that either a Wilson or Spalding CFL or NFL football (less CFL stripes in the NFL) would be legal in either league. Now that both CFL and NFL official balls are made by Wilson they are about the same size within manufacturing tolerances.