Who made this lame schedule?

Hey, I did not really have a look at the new schedule since the Renegades tapped out of the 2006 season. But I just checked it, and I must ask: Who made such a lame-@ss schedule?

Here is how it starts for Montreal:

  • Winnipeg
  • Winnipeg
  • Winnipeg
  • Hamilton
  • Hamilton
  • Winnipeg
  • Hamilton

DUH ! We’ll be in August when we start playing against a new opponent !

And later on, the Als and the Riders both have to play two games in four days… BECAUSE THEY PLAY ONE ANOTHER TWICE IN THE SAME WEEK.

Re-DUH ! The Riders have a 10 days break before their first game against the Als. The Als have a bye week before they first play the Riders. They could have scheduled the first game two days before, so players on both sides would have had 6 days to regroup and heal before going at it again.

And almost every opponents are met on back-to-back weeks, so you can’t really compare how a team evolved through the season compared to the other.

Lack of respect for the fans. Lack of respect for the players.

I know they had to redo the schedule fast because of the Renegades’ disappearance, but they still had a few weeks to think of it. There’s no reason to end up with something this uninteresting.

The new sked was done in a hurry, so it will have a few quirks in it.

Dude, I am pretty certain 80% of us would have came up with a better schedule in one day.

True, but two of those game you listed are pre-season games. The other thing is they tried to keep as many home dates unchanged as they possibly could, and look at it this way- you could be 5-0 or 4-1 to start the season.

Keep going Third
Almost every game is part of a home and home series!

Probably had something to do with bookings of flights and stadiums. It is bad and wow just think Montreal will be in sole possession of first place.

So what else is new?

True but this will be a garauntee!

Maybe i was a bit generous in my assessment of 5-0, maybe 3-2, but you have two wins garaunteed......

Counting chickens before there hatched, sambo n red05 should no better...
Could turn out to be a tough go, for the Als...Go Bombers..

I know we have been saying this for a long time, but this is exactly what happens to a 9 team league when you lose 1 team.
Including the pre season which the Als will play the BB two times, there are four regular season games. A total of 6 times, basically one third of the schedule.
The same thing between the Argos and Ticats, another 6 times this season.
Not only was is bad with a 9 team league, when teams would meet 4 times during the season, this makes it vital for at least a 10 team league.

We understand that but Montreal could have played 1 game against Winnipeg and 1against Hamilton in the preseason and start the reg season against Toronto!

Like other posters stated, the think tank at head office, did the best they could..
Wasn't easy keeping home dates the same, next year will be better...guaranteed.

I really dont thing the home dates was an issue! They could have taken aw few more days or even weeks and worked it out right!

A few more Weeks....can't have that, we's a profesional league..need time to prepare..
As we speak right now, ro ..the bombers are planning there attack on the east...
They need to know, in which order the ducks...line up in...lol

But why plan for the inevitable? :lol:

As red 05 would say...hahahah...hahahah..ha...
The inevitable, is not what you percieve it to be...

I ment the inevitable Grey Cup victory!

Good man Hank keep those dreams alive. The reason why I say the Al’s have it good is the fact that both Hamilton and the Bombers even with new aquistions will need time to gel as a team. So Ilook at this for the Al’s as easy pickings.

They had to do what they had to do, with the short time they had to come up with a new sch, they did I good job.

although not a good sch to do since for the frist time all games will be on TV, but it's a start.