Who likes the renegades chances this year?

I don't know if its just me but the renegades look really good this year! I could see the renegades going 10-8 this year and loosing in the first game of the play-offs.

I hope so.

You Ottawa fans need something to get excited about. Plus, everyone else in the league is as sick of Montreal running away with 1st place during the season as you are.

well let's see they have Joseph,Woodcock,Bendross,Ranek and Flemming i say it's all good for the rens

This is from an ARGOS fan.........OTTAWA, are going to surprize allot of people this year , if the main players remain healthy.......beat MONTREAL again, at home .......that would be great........but winning back to back games against the same team , is really hard.

So , if they lose, don't worry to much.........

You have one of the CFL'S best Q.B.S and running backs and an improved defence.........get people to go to this game.......and prove the press wrong at least ,were the team's support is concerned.....don't just say that this is an ex. game.......it is a..... "show of hands."

How is that for positive? :smiley:

hey i am eager to see some Rens kick butt AL's butt that is.

I think the Gades can surprise a lot of people this year. If Joseph can stay healthy and if they include Josh Ranek into the plays at least 50% more than they did last year, they have a serious shot.


It really will come down to whether or not the big boys are healthy. If that happens, we'll be in good shape. I don't want to speculate on their record, but if things go right, the playoffs should be within reach.

Hopefully Brad Banks isn't out too long. In case Joseph does go down, we NEED to have him ready to go.

Nice to see the secondary had a strong game in MTL. Looks like Coach Marshall may already be paying dividends. Too soon to tell, though.

ill tell u guys 1 thing.... the renegades chances of winning a grey cup is a little better than a snowball's chance in hell

Not like the Argos chances are any better 2005ARGONAUTS...........gotta stick up for all you renegades fans...........but of course im a ticat fan and 2005ARGONAUTS is obviously an argos fan.............i dont see anywhere in here saying that the Renegades are goign to win the Grey Cup this year either (i really dislike people that have to make fun of other teams and put them down) If your a true football fan you'll just cheer for your team and not dis other peoples choices. GO TICATS

Well, the Argo's just suck.

I agree the Argos do suck.

North Side Sucks.

$99 Season Tickets Rule !

LMAO guys im juss jkn round... belive me out of all the cfl team besides toronto i hope ottawwa has the best year

Otown needs needs to stay healthy in 05. Imagine what could have been last summer if Joseph has been healthy. That guys looks like a killer this year!! And you can tell he want redemption!

My biggest concern is our Oline and our DB on D. We need both of those groups to step it up!

As for the rest of the East. Here are my thoughts.

Tdot this its as good as they really are. However, you're only as good as your last game and they didn't look very sharp in preseason.... Plue they think they really are...

Mtl - Their dominatiion of the east will soon end. Calvillo is that team. Beyond that, the league has caught up.

Ham - McMahon is done. He won't have the protection he needs to get the ball away as quick as in the past. Ham will be passed by Ottawa this year.

Gades will surprise. As long as they stay healthy.