Who likes a beer that's ice cold...?I do,

I do, I do!!!
What else do you like about going to your particular team's stadium to watch games rather than watching on TV.

Taylor Field: Big crowd, pre-game BBQ, get-ups that some fans wear, College game type atmosphere, and especially the Pep Band, etc.

Frank Clair Stadium: the beautiful view.

First of all, dumbest question ever..."who likes a cold beer"...you're lucky you don't get punted from this site for that one. Sacrilage, pure sacrilage.....

Secondly, you can tell about the view of Frank Clair from the TV shots...wanna go...tried sooo many times....hard luck...maybe if they had a better team I'd be more resilient.

I assume I can take that as a no! :mrgreen:

Actually Eski-Moses I agree it's a stupid question. It's the opening line of a TV beer add.............My reaction to it each time I hear it is..........What's that got to do with your company'sbeer?...........You get an ice cold beer by putting it i the frig or in ice............Since it is so stupid I thought it might be an eye catcher!

Jokes on me I guess! :oops:

Not at all...jokes on US!

And for the record...beer commercials in this country absolutely suck....the U.S. on the other hand...are they THAT much more creative or does the CRTC have somthing to do with it?? I bet I know the answer to that one....

Molson Stadium! The stadium is something else, with the view of downtown Montreal from the North Side. The Atmosphere is outstanding, Montreal really does have the best sports fans in Canada! :lol: I dont know bout that but its really fan on gamenights in Montreal. And also, alot of great games.

What in the deepest hell are you talking about…?

No, I like my beer warm (especilly Canadain beer cuz it's made that way), has more favor that way and it grows hair on your chest! :wink:

...ummm, "it's made that way?" Do us a "flavor", and move back to Alaska, or Australia, or mainland USA, or whatever....and stop sucking hole, or playing the skin flute...or ...

Jesus Christ are you kidding me?..For one, are you even old enough to drink beer, and for 2 you cant be serious about drinking your beer warm. I dont care how hardcore you are, but “canadian beer” was not meant to be drank warm. Try drinking 12 warm beer, then see how you feel about it. Id pay to watch you drink a case of warm pilsner.

I'm just saying, it taste better warm! there has to be a reson why. :roll:

...'cause you like your liquid warm? ...say, 37.5 degrees?...fellas, we got ourselves an Australian homo...s&xual...diggg. Fellas, bitches, and now homo's...hey it IS Ontario....welcome my brother, er, sister, er, ...fergit it....

First Of All, Eski-Moses You're Way Off Base. The Labatt Blue Conmercial Are Extremely Humourous.

Secondly Kanga, Drinking Warm Beer Will Get You Drunker Faster I'm Guessing That's A Trick That You Learned Growing Up In Australia. However In Canada Half The Year You Can Throw Your Beer Outside For 5 Minutes If You Want To Get It Chilled. Kanga My Suggestion To You Is If You Want To Get Drunk Cheapy, Go Buy Yourself A Funnel, Although I'm Sure Down There In The States People Are Just Impressed That Your Drinking Canadian Beer.

..sounds like Bamboo wrote that garbage...

Oh Come On Eski, You Can Think Of Something Better Then That, I Think I've Herd That Same Line About 4 Times Now.

I prefer my beer piping hot.

Isn't Guinness usually served warm? The only other beer that you could possibly pull off warm is if its a spiced beer of sorts, like Maudite from Unibroue out of Quebec.

Kangu-Kucha ... do me a favour and please STFU ... You've said some incredibly stupid things on this site ... But this is the topper ... By far - this is the most ridiculous thing you've bullsh**ted so far ...


This thread is just not turning out the way I wanted :cry: First I have to explain my own joke - some kind of comedian I am!..........then it turns into a lets get KK thread again!
Everyone go to the frig right now for a cool one..... enjoy!!!!
This thread will self destruct as immediately after my Riderws win the grey cup for the THIRD time....... Get that THIRD time.......great stuff..... bring on the cool ones!
Down the hatch! :roll: :mrgreen: