Who knows the date of the draft

Does anyone know the date of the draft? I heard that it might be televised?

To be held Saturday,May 9,2009.


is it televised?

Prob not but last year it was webcast

yes, it will be televised.


Chris, do you know for certain? I know Cohon discussed it in the State of the League, but I wasn't sure if any concrete deals had been made.

Usually it's the Wednesday after the NFL draft, which would be April 29th.
But if TSN is planning to televise it that would explain moving it to a Saturday.

I believe i watched it on tv. can;t remember though because mycomp screen in my room was bigger then my tv at that time. i do like how it is televised though, you can get more of an appreciation for who is signing who. just waitin till it gets big enough to actually be done in a theatre not a studio. more so like the nfl where the players are actually there.

Last year the CFL draft was webcasts for the first two rounds.

Years ago the draft was held in larger facilities with many of the top three round potential draft picks there in person. I attended the 1993 CFL Draft held in Calgary with roughly 1,500 folks in attendance and a full array of merchant tables set up as well.