Who Knows More? Wpg FP or TSN? Regarding Pierce

Leflors is not asking for more than his contract stated.
Boy, Bomber 'fans" on this site are just this side of loons.Pathetic.
Enough to find another squad…it must be hell to actually play there. HELL.

umm "flag" umm, how do u know what lefors is or isnt asking for? and honestly who cares about lefors.

this thread is about tthe media, not lefors, its about contrasting reports in the media, what makes u know more than they do? are u lefors's buddy or something?

If Mack doesn't sign Pierce by the end of next week, it won't ever happen, and Pierce will probably end up waiting for the start of the regular season for a starter to either suck and get pulled, or get injured.

well geesh thanks for the inside scoop there.

what month is this? april.. when does training camp start? june... oh my this could last awhile.

Ya, Pierce will negotiate with the Bombers for three months, and not look for an actual job in the meantime. Just what I'd do!

.....Here's something for you to chew on......

....The Bombers have announced ,that they want the fans to come out to Earls/Polo Park, on Monday April 12 th, to meet THEIR QUARTERBACKS...Watch closely, two and out, to see if Bucky will be in the line-up shaking hands.....maybe yes....maybe no.... :wink: :lol:

IIRC a couple of days ago Mack gave a timeline of 10 days for something to happen regarding Pierce.

umm, umm, i’m just, umm, responding um to your umm, umm statement that umm he was asking for more, umm, money than his original umm, contract umm, umm called umm for. dumm.

listen flag, this is the bomber forum, which is for bomber fans... this is not the place for you to come around and act like a child and berate the rest of us... grow up a little before you come back... kay?

Sorry Dad
I am a Bomber supporter. Most guys on this bomber forum are only complainers, not fans.

flag man, are u just some 12 year old wanna be tough guy hiding behind some computer monitor or are u some old bitter man doing the same? perhaps, you're a woman, i dunno. but women dont talk crap like u do so id suspect, im wasting space here but id suspect that u need to take a look in the mirror and ask yourself.. who am i.

because, its quite obvious when u start talking crap behind a keyboard that u arent sure of who u are..

You only joined this forum in February. If you had any idea what type of crap we Bomber fans had to put up with before Pigseye became a mod not too long ago you would understand why we have no patience with trolls from other teams.

Hey Killer, how many times do you need to be told? Clean it up!

what did i say? i didnt say anything. dude came in here mocking me but ya whatever

.....I think we have great debate surrounding the team.....and most guys...as you put it have positive input...Everyone has their own style....Maybe you were blinded by your complaint bout' the complainers.. :wink:

Sounds like Friesen is sharpening his knives once again, if Mack doesn’t get it done, Friesen will be merciless like he was with Kelly last year, and maybe rightly so.

[url=http://www.winnipegsun.com/sports/columnists/paul_friesen/2010/04/09/13533826.html]http://www.winnipegsun.com/sports/colum ... 33826.html[/url]

good read Piggy... thanks for posting that... It's nice to see Pierce really want to come here... It will definately make the sting go away from when we lost Glenn for me....

I would actually consider him an upgrade... and he's got the kind of personality bomber fans like in a QB

Killer had a good point in the other thread and i agree 100%, signing Buck would help increase ticket sales and retail sales would be alot better as well #16 Pierce jerseys would be a hot commodity before the season even begins, how can Mack pass up this opportunity? Only good things would happen!!!

Hey BB fans, awesome signing of Buck. I've said it before, this is the best option for his future. If he can stay healthy, he will lead you guys on to a pretty decent season (please kick the crap out of MTL this year, I friggin hate those guys... :lol: ). I've had my doubts and couldn't understand "If" Mack was thinking Jyles was going to do the job as the #1 guy, I couldn't see that happening, apparently, that wasn't the case. Anyway, being a BP fan, I'm glad to see him land on his feet with a (presumably) starting role. Hopefully after camp is done, a good picture of your O-line will define his time with the BB.

By the way Papa, good prediction you made on the 9th re: greeting the QB's.

Have a good year BB's, looking forward to the Labour Day classic!

the qb's are here all week it sounds like and imo, thats a good thing :slight_smile: get familliar with eachother aswell as maybe lapo's offense abit and yeah :slight_smile: are other teams doing this? bringing in qb's to meet the fans and get together with the coaches and sttuff basically on their own time? To me it shows that these guys (buck,santos,dimichele,jyles) all want to be here and all want to go out there and prove that they can get it done. i mean, u gotta respect that. LEFORS didnt show up, the 4 other guys did.. to me that means lefors doesnt care about being a qb anymore but the 4 guys who are here do :slight_smile: when was the last time anything like this happened in bomber land? :slight_smile:

this is awesome and honestly i think more teams should take this concept from the bombers and go with it :slight_smile: it can only help :slight_smile: