Who Knows More? Wpg FP or TSN? Regarding Pierce

Today's Winnipeg Free Press states that The Bombers and Pierce are far apart in negotiations, barring my question do they really know (The FP) what the heck is going on in Bomberland because TSN has a different story stating The Bombers made a contract offer Tuesday night and Pierce agent made a counter offer This Morning (Wednesday) on the same day the WFP stated they were miles away in negotiations.


My question is does The FP or TSN really know what is going on regarding the Bombers and Pierce? Only Mack and Pierce/agent know for sure, until he is signed i will not rely on either source!!

The two reports are not necessarily inconsistent. The Bombers made an offer, Pierce made a counter-offer, and those two offers may in fact be far apart. . . at this point who knows.

All of the media are hit and miss with rumours. Sometimes they're bang on and sometimes they are so far from the mark it's funny. As far as I'm concerned if the articles name their sources I give it more credibility. If the sources are unnamed, I take it with lots of salt.

noone has a clue except mack and buck and bucks agent. until the bombers say something official that he has signed or they signed another qb.. im not gonna beleive it anymore.

at least from all this we can take away that they are indeed in negotiations... which means bucks nfl dreams are probably not going to come through... and buck surely realises this is his chance at starting...

i would assume its only a matter of time before the two sides find a compromise... its a good fit for both sides, and i have a feeling one side will give in a little, rather than the whole deal not happening...

we maybe just jumped the gun assuming that because we offered him a contract that it would get done instantly.. its a tricky process, but im anxious to see the result

I agree that the BB'S and Pierce and company are still in negotiations and with the latest with LeFors not wanting to show up for training camp because 90K isn't enough for him even though he hasn't proved otherwise which really ticks me off, i would think the Bomber's have a little more room to move in the Pierce Negotiations knowing that more than likely they will be cutting LeFors loose cause his attitude has hindered any trade possibilities and to be honest LeFors is not worth a bag of footballs on the trade market anyway's.

Back to the point, i think the Bomber's will sign Pierce, but it won't be for the 300K his agent is looking for, i think his agent knows that, if/when we actually sign it CAN equal 300K/YR but will be incentive driven something like the Glenn contract was, something like anywhere from 150K-250K plus bonuses/incentives, the Bombers have to take into effect Jyles Salary as well which is reported to be 100K/YR PLUS Bonus incentives. The negotiations will be back and forth for a couple days then they will be in the same ballpark and work something out, hopefully by the end of the week as Mack has suggested, if not it is meant to be and i can handle Jyles starting while grooming Santos and DiMichele.

At this point i cannot see LeFors being a Bomber much longer, can't trade him, cut him and that will happen sooner than later. Rumours of Jyles taking a pay cut are JUST THAT rumours, no link/no proof plus his contract is already signed, sealed and delivered and Mack and LaPo will not make the mistake Kelly did with LeFors and cut his contract because of his own stupidity, LeFors was never worth 150K to begin with, SO LONG LEFORS. I like the sounds of:


agreed, having those four would be a big improvement over what we started the season with last year, and much better than i pictured us going into the season with this year, we would have an experienced leader, a promising gunslinger, and a couple young prospects in the pen, who knows the level of success we will have but at least we will have both a decent current option, while developing future prospects.

I also agree. I do think LeFors got a raw deal having his pay cut mid-season last year the way it was handled, but he must know it's a whole new management structure in Winnipeg now, so if he doesn't want to come and prove himself now, he doesn't have the leadership qualities we need.

....exactly....and for LeFors to be quoted as saying he's lost his 'passion' for the game....see ya pal......I know this is probably a card Pierce is using in his contract discussions with the Bombers....full-well knowing, that he has a very-good shot at being the starter ,with one more qb. out of the picture....I hope Buck and his agent aren't playing too much hard-ball with the Bombers or there may not be any deal period....I don't think money like he was making on the coast is on the table....could very-well be the undoing of any contract between him and the Bombers....At any rate...the watch is still on....we should know soon///??? :roll:

Guys...either pay Pierce what he wants or suffer another offensively challenged campaign. It's a QB driven league, and right now the cupboard is virtually bare in that regard in Bomberland. Don't cheap out, Mack. If you do, it may eventually cost you your job.

offensively challenged? Is this coming from a Ti-Cat fan? The same team that barely made the playoffs ahead of our "offensively challenged" Bombers. You seem to be focusing alot on The Bombers QB situation, probably to ease your own worries, such as: Which Glenn will show up in 2010? Is Porter ready to take over when Glenn craps the bed? and so on and so on, worry about your team first, we'll be fine in the Peg.

Glenn was a nobody with sub par stats before coming to Winnipeg and has been inconsistant in his years here, Jyles has sub par stats but has a better upside than Glenn had, saying that Glenn is 30 and due to have one of his "offensively challenged" campaigns and Jyles is ready to take the next step and that is considering we will not sign Buck, if we do sign Buck Jyles will be waiting in the wings ready to prove what he can do in case Buck does go down, i'll take Buck/Jyles over Glenn/Porter any day, heck i'll take Jyles/Santos/DiMichele over Glenn/Porter.

See Porter has had 2 years to develop and is still sub par at best, he has confidence issues and an attitude problem to boot, Glenn will walk off the field wit his famous "i crapped my pants" look after blaming a reciever for one of his under/over throws or INTS more often this season, cause that's how Glenn works, decent year/bad year/decent/bad, well you get the point, Cat fans have more to worry about than they think, you all have this perception that the Cats can only get better, think again, we thought that with Glenn as well and look what happened!!

Never in my life have I seen so much smack talk defending QB's who have done nothing of merit in pro ball. Don't sign Pierce, I'm begging you. It will guarantee that the Bombers struggle mightily. As a Ticat fan, I'm fine with that.

If I can add a point at the risk of trolling (I'm a BP fan, so was watching the thread), I don't believe for a moment he is going to go anywhere except with the WBB. Yes, there is some interest at the NFL, but BP has had his lumps (upwards 5 concussions?) and would be considered damaged goods and short term at best, otherwise the guy would be inked be now. But there is NO question to his talents. Why would Buck turn his nose to this deal? It's his best option.

I think when the two sides sends their "people" to lunch on the other side of the planet, and Mack and Buck are allowed sit and talk alone in the same room, this deal will be done and Buck will be a BB.

Bombers offer and Pierces offer are far apart.

well thank god we have fans with the inside scoop on the situation such as yourself. thank god.

seriously, HOW THE HECK DO YOU KNOW? CUZ a fp opinion writer said so? give your head a shake.

NOONE KNOWS EXCEPT BP AND MACK AND BP'S agent. to tell us anything else, is just speculation.

You came our forum and started running your mouth about if we don`t sign Pierce, expect another offensively challenged campaign so in turn you came on here and started talking smack, and as a Bomber fan i am defending my team, but with logical info. I stated that Glenn&Porter and the Ti-Cats BARELY made it into the^playoffs last season and our team was as you say offensively challeneged not to mention poorly coached and the offensive playbook was like learning Rocket Science, so don`t get to cocky about your kitty kats, especially if we sign Pierce and have Jyles as a back up, as i stated i would much rather have Pierce&Jyles&Santos&DiMichele over Glenn&Porter&Tafrelis any day. So i will stick to my words and state the Cats may make 2ND but expect a newly revamped and hungry Winnipeg team to be the spoilers of Hamiltons bid for 2ND and i will not bet the farm on MTL running away with it this year again, aging Als may slip a bit as well in 2010!!

So the free press said :roll: as others have mentioned only Buck, his agent, Mack and maybe LaPo know where the negotiations stand. I will bet my bottom dollar that they are closer to inking a deal than many think, negotiations take time and both sides must come away happy and Mack and Buck will meet in the middle (same ballpark) very soon and Buck will be a Bomber. Again i love the sounds of:

Pierce (28) - Great Leader, Proven Starter, Excellent career stats, Hungry to win and prove people wrong.
Jyles (27) - Great arm, Great scrambling ability, waiting for his turn to shine, quality back-up.
Santos (26) - Young, great Arm, Can Scramble, will learn behind Pierce, great team player, ready to step up
DiMichele (25) - Great Attitude, willing to be on PR and learn, patient for his chance, strong arm, great on the run passer.

Most promising group of QBS The Bombers have seen in a long time, a proven starter, tons of talent learning behind a great veteren like Buck, expect great things from this group!!

I was open to having LeFors back to compete with the others in training camp, now even though Kelly screwed him, his attitude is nothing to be desired, no passion for the game, we don not need that kind of attitude on our team. If he lost passion for the game as he stated and is not willing to take his lumps (if you can call 90K a lump) and come in and compete for a job, oh well gives the other guys more reps.... I think LeFors is just being a baby cause he is not coming into a situation where he is viryually guaranteed to start like last year and is not willing to compete with real QBS for a job ...

i would agree with this, i wouldnt if lefors had proven he belonged last season but umm ya he didnt really do much did he. actually in his whole cfl career he hasnt really shown that he is a #1 qb. so for him to want more money, yeah take a hike really. go away.. WHATS THAT motley crue song? girl dont go away mad, girl.. just go away.

What happened to the done deal thing ???