Who joins us today?????

........2 more clubs will join the sideline group today...preparing for 2010.....what's your guess????
...I.m going to say the leos (we should have buried them earlier) and the esks...Should be great games in any event...I always like the play-off atmosphere....too bad we couldn't be part of it this year ....Anyway ...good luck to all teams.. :thup:

The way BC is playing, maybe Hamilton ? I smell upset in CGY , Edm playing well and CGY seems disinterested at times this year. Labinjo is not playing well, not starting and Teo Johnson in hospital . This might sound strange,if CGY wins today, they have a much better shot at beating SK than EDM would if they win. CGY could go on to win the GreyCup at home ? But EDM CGY in the Playoffs, flip a coin !

Teyo Johnson is out of the hospital. Apparently he wanted to play today but Hufnagel said no.

I would say, that would be punishment for being out partying days before a big game. Huff probably figured if the focus wasn't there on Thur. it's not going to be there after getting stabbed and spending a few days in the hospital.

.......i'LL TELL YOU WHAT KASPS.....just pick the opposite team that i picked NOT to make it to the final ... you'll probably have your winner...IF PAPA IS BACKING YOU IN 09.....look-out :thdn: :lol:

I doubt it. Even though he wasn’t hurt seriously, he was still stabbed. Johnson didn’t break any team rules and he didn’t break a curfew or anything so there is nothing to punish him for.

...guess the Cats are one team joining us.....for the 2010 Grey Cup run.... :wink:

ALSO......Otis Floyd can go back to his car-wash now.....his boat just sprung a leak....see ya next year loser... :lol:

....just a shot for all of the 'shots' the BigBlue have been taking this year... :lol:

:thup: Completely agree. Let's all sing "Workin' at the car wash..."


....well i picked one right.....esks. join the 2010 hunt......the schmoes looked good for awhile but the enevitable happened....They also have a lot of holes to fix for next year...Hey chief interested in a trade :roll:

We did...? :expressionless:

Oh, I betcha I know what happened... When the Eskimos scored that TD in the fourth quarter, you probably thought that was Edmonton making a comeback. No, the Stamps just felt bad for us and decided to spot us a TD. They didn't want to blow us out three times this season. It was really quite nice of them.

You must have been impressed with Greene’s return. Could provide some interesting competition for Jackson next TC and one of them will likely make good trade bait.

....Where the heck are all of those smug Cats fans lately.....you know the ones that usually infest this site....??? Guess they're at home licking their wounds after coming close...but NO cigar...Well...it's next- year time for them as well...dreaming of how Glenn will 'almost' win them a Cup.... well keep dreaming boys...It's a loooooong off season... :lol:

Skyler Greene rocks! Great name too. :smiley:

....Skyler Blue would be better.....I can't see both sticking with the schmoes....Tristan could have played his last game in edm.... :roll:

Right here Papa!

Have a nice offseason :thup:

I don't know if I'd be willing to part with Tristan Jackson just because of one return. If anything, I think Skyler Green might be trade bait.

....either or ayethere......say chief....whatever happened to Ramonce Taylor who was supposed to get a look from you guys....?????????did he suffer frost-bite and head back to the states... :roll:

I haven't the foggiest... no concern of mine. :lol:

He never made it off the Esks' PR.