who it going to be Porter or Glenn

The Speed of Porter to get out of the pocket and run like a deer should be greatly taken into account. When Glenn ran to the side line it was like he lumber to the side line. The pressure was on but I think ALL the ticats should put the game against Montreal behind them and be proud that they held them to so few points.Great game guys and be proud of what you did do. Sorry you could not make it three in a row.But keep the team spirit and dont start a quarterback war it does nothing for the team. GO TICATS!!


Porter will be carrying a clipboard Codi Leddbetter style next week :lol: This kid is having problems picking up the second reads on the receivers he needs some apprentice time and we need another home BIG W its that simple folks take that to the Bank$$ for Mr Bob Young....

I dont think it's a problem getting to his second reads it's just that his reads are slow, but normal for a second year cfl qb. Glenn is able to see who is going to be open and throw as they're getting open which is why he has to start.

Why do we need yet another thread on the same topic?

It wont be the last

Hey dude, there is one more thing to consider. I remember 1986 when the Cats ran the seaon with two oppisite types of quartebacks. It was "Take out Kerrigan and put in Hobart" followed by "Take out Hobart and put in Kerrigan"..These two guys played as a quarterback tandem and won that little thing called the Grey Cup together ! Why can't you use two styles and no ego to take the TEAM all the way. It's worked before so...?


The humanity!