Who isn't proud to have a beer named after their team

Don't you just love knowing that one of the most popular beer Labatt BLUE is named after the Blue Bombers.


How about a Molson product?.......hhhhmmmmm....lets see......xXx Renagades?? :o


pardon me? Rider fan in disguise?

i hate the riders, I said that because you didnt know

it is REALLY ture? or just a joke?

yes its "TURE"

wow, I'll start drinking that beer more often.

kanga, for a history buff you really need to bone up.....comon mate, get up on your bomber history....and yes you should be drinking Canadian beer all the time, Blue or what ever...the US stuff is just horse p!ss.....

watered down horse piss

AGREED. :thup:

yeah, it's piss, but not like Corona, THAT'S MEXICAN SUPER DONKEY PISS!!!! :lol: