Who is your top free agent wish for the Cats?

Who do you want to see the cats sign?
I think Greg Ellingson should be the number 1 target.
Who do you think?

I'd also like to see Fantusz ( even though he won't be ready for the start of the season). And Cory Greenwood from Toronto would be great. A line backing corp with Simoni, Dean and Greenwood would be unbelievable!

Ellingson is a great choice!

Once Emanuel Davis has re-signed with us, I would like to see Sinkfield come back!

Here is the CFL top 30 ranked pending FA's

[url=http://www.cfl.ca/2017/01/19/cfl-cas-top-30-pending-free-agents/]http://www.cfl.ca/2017/01/19/cfl-cas-to ... ee-agents/[/url]

Well for what it's worth I have compiled my wish list for FA by carefully taking 2 players from each team's list (excluding our team list of FA's). So after taking into consideration all the factors and all the variables such as team strengths and weaknesses and also factoring in who we might re-sign and not re-sign and just where we might lose some of our FA's in key positions this year here is my top 16 Wish List from the other 8 teams.

Montreal....................Winston Venables-lb / Allan Micheal Cash-dt
Ottawa.......................Greg Ellingson-wr / Abdul Kenneh-db
Toronto......................Cory Greenwood-lb / A.J. Jefferson-db
Winnipeg...................Rory Kohlert-wr / Khalil Bass-lb
Saskatchewan...........Shamawd Chambers-wr / Otha Foster-db
Calgary......................Simon Campeau-Charbonneau-wr / Micah Johnson-dt
Edmonton.................Brandyn Thompson-db / John Ojo-db
British Columbia......Terell Sinkfield-wr / Ronnie Yell-db


db - 6 (6 imp )
wr - 5 ( 3 Cdn / 2 imp )
lb - 3 ( 2 imp / 1 Cdn )
dt - 2 ( 2 imp)

Great list Sinkfield is my 1st Choice triple threat

OK folks - don't be surprised if Ellingson is back. I talked to him after the Redblack's game here this past season and he eluded to the fact that he might be back in Hamilton this year! I promise you - no BS - right from his mouth.

I am hoping... :thup:

I would like to see Hamilton sign Abdul Kenneh, DB from Ottawa. Great cover guy, and plays with an edge/attitude.

I'd also love to see Alan Michael Cash play alongside Ted Laurent.

Ellingson and Sinkfield would be nice, but who among international starting receivers would they replace? We already have Tasker, Tolliver, Banks, Elliott and Chiles.

The problem is that Elliott , Toliver,Chiles and also Owens are all pending FA's so it's highly unlikely that we re-sign them all , of these four I'm hoping that it's Toliver's name that we get on a new contract , but I would also welcome back CO2 providing if he is healthy and the price was right. Also don't forget that we also have Brian Tyms as well who lit it up big time for us late in the season under contract for 2017.

An import receiving corps of Toliver , Sinkfield , Tasker , Ellingson and either Tyms or Owens/Banks sounds GREAT to me .

talented and reliable starting offensive tackles!! let's take care of collaros and that knee of his. he can't throw to star recievers if he doesn't have time to.

No offense intended, but how do you afford sinking all that money into receivers?

Maybe Bobo is suggesting an all Canadian Oline : Josh Bourke(or a draft choice), Dyakowski, Filer, Bomben, and Revenberg with Girard and Rice in reserve.

The ratio flexibility would allow for more depth in other areas but that only works if we can keep our quarterbacks healthy. We need our Oline to be solid and nasty!

Pat Lynch (the old guy)

No offense taken :smiley: , after all as the title of the thread suggests, it's a Wish List :wink: but in answer to your question it didn't seem to be a problem with money for the RB's the last two years considering that they were paying for and sinking all that money into a receiving corp consisting of Ellingson , Williams and Jackson not to mention also having Sinopoli under contract as well. The RB's even had enough cash left over to pay not one but two quarterbacks starters wages as well in Burris and Harris.

Tyms is probably on an entry level contract or perhaps a little more but a ball park figure would be around no more
than between $55,000 to $65,000 tops . Toliver is also most likely coming off an entry level initial contract having finished his 2nd year with the team , so a doubling up to $110,000 to $120,000 should get his name on a contract . Tasker and Banks are already under contract for this season so signing a Sinkfield and/or an Ellingson shouldn't be a problem and like I said I would only consider bringing back CO2 pending his health if the price was right and if he would be willing to sign for the same amount or take a pay cut or reduction for perhaps a final season considering he will be 35 yrs old come training camp this spring. So as you can see it is doable but in reality being a Wish List probably unlikely but you have to admit that that would be a pretty sweet looking group of receivers . :smiley:

Tyms is a first year cfl'er so his contract is at minimum a 2 year contract (1+1 club option),
Tyms will be at Training camp for sure! :thup:
Money will be extremely tight this year as Collaros will be getting a $250K raise with his new and expensive contract!

True, bobo, but remember Ottawa has a screwy ratio. They dress many national starters on the defensive side of the ball and only one international O-lineman (I think), which allows them to feature that international receiving corps. Teams generally can't make drastic ratio changes in a single offseason.

I'll be perfectly happy with a bunch of people I've never heard of if they can tackle, break up passes and throw the occasional block on specials....

....also bring back sink! :wink:

Scott MitchellVerified account ?@ScottMitchellPM 2m2 minutes ago
Good news for #CFL FA market as it sounds like Stampeders LT Derek Dennis is open to signing up here now that he’s checked out NFL interest.

2016 was a breakout season for Dennis. He started all 18 regular-season games, 15 starts at left tackle, two at left guard and one at right guard. He was an integral part of a Stampeder unit that allowed the fewest sacks in the CFL in 2016 with 20

2016 Most Outstanding OL

That's an understatement!
Austin has handcuffed himself by agreeing to huge 2017 salaries for Collaros (reportedly $520,000 not including bonuses) and Laurent (reportedly $275,000). I believe these two are the highest-paid offensive and defensive players in the league respectively.
That's nearly one-sixth of the salary cap to two players!

Wow, I didn't know Laurent was making $275k. Is that base, or including bonuses/incentives?

Base. It was reported that Laurent's current contract calls for $225,000 in the first year and $275,000 in 2017.

So much for my theory on this! :oops:

Marshall FergusonVerified account ?@TSN_Marsh 17m17 minutes ago
#NYJets worked out former #Patriots & #Ticats REC Brian Tyms this week. Tyms had 8 catches for 114 yards in Hamilton's East Semi loss to EDM