Who is your top 12 players per Team ?

We are currently in the process of producing the 2007 CFL Sports cards and we are looking to know your best 12 players from each team for our final selection. Note that we would appreciate at least 2 Rookies per Team.

The collection will also include Canadian Pride Cards, so you can also list your best Canadian Players. A maximum of 5 players per hometown province.

The collection should be issue in mid august.

Collection should be:
100 regular cards
30 Canadian Pride
10 Record Tracker
10 Top Prospect

You have until July 22 to submit your selections


WINNIPEG BLUE BOMBERS: (Alphabetical Order)

Derick Armstrong
Doug Brown (Canadian)
Tom Canada
Kevin Glenn
Cam Hall (Rookie)
Kyries Hebert
Corey Jenkins (Rookie)
Charles Roberts
Barrin Simpson
Milt Stegall
Gavin Walls

Split Decision between:
Dan Goodspeed
Obby Khan (Canadian)

thanks for your help


Doug Brown
Obby Khan
Ian Logan
Matt Sheridan
Jamie Stoddard

MONTREAL ALOUETTES: (Alphabetical Order)

Ben Cahoon (Canadian)
Anthony Calvillo
Bryan Chiu (Canadian)
Chip Cox
Damon Duval (Canadian)
Robert Edwards
Diamond Ferri (Rookie)
S.J Green (Rookie)
Davis Sanchez (Canadian)
Anwar Stewart
Timothy Strickland
Kerry Watkins

TOP CANADIANS (Alphabetical Order)

Etienne Boulay
Ben Cahoon
Bryan Chiu
Damon Duval
Davis Sanchez

TORONTO ARGONAUTS (Alphabetical Order)

Michael Bishop
Jonathan Brown
Arland Bruce
Kevin Eiben (Canadian)
Michael Fletcher
Bashir Levingston
Tony Miles
Derrell Mitchell
Miko O'Shea (Canadian)
Byron Parker
Jude St. John (Canadian)
Orlando Steinauer


Kevin Eiben
Mike O'Shea
Noel Prefontaine
Jude St.John
Andre Talbot

Saskatchewan Roughriders:

Jason Armstead
Kerry Joseph
Matt Dominguez
DJ Flick
Reggie Hunt
Scott Schultz (Canadian)
Eddie Davis
Andy Fantuz (Canadian)
James Johnson
Gene Makowsky (Canadian)
Jeremy O'Day
Fred Perry

Scott Schultz
Andy Fantuz
Gene Makowsky
Luca Congi
Chris Szarka

Brandon Lynch
David McKoy

BC Lions

Jason Clermont (Canadian)
Otis Floyd
Korey Banks
Barron Miles
Dave Dickenson
Buck Pierce
Joe Smith
Angus Reid (Canadian)
Javier Glatt (Canadian)
Rob Murphy
Geroy Simon
Josh Boden (Rookie)
Brent Johnson (Canadian)

Oh what the hell, the whole BC Lions team. LOL

BC Lions

Brent Johnson
Jason Clermont
Javy Glatt
Paul McCallum

Otis Floyd
Dante Marsh
Aaron Hunt
Korey Banks
Rob Murphy
Joe Smith
Geroy Simon
Dave Dickenson

Yeah, I know, it's so hard to pick just 12 guys! How about the whole roster?

Just make an exception for us BC Lions fans please. It’s impossible for us to pick just 12 players off of our all-star roster. Did you see the Player Awards last year? We swept 'em!

What about Wake?

DOnt you want a RB in therE?

We don't really have that good of a RB yet, but i guess you could squeeze Wes Cates or Henri Childs in there.

Toronto Argonauts

WR Arland Bruce
WR Tony Miles
OG Jude St. John (Canadian)
QB Michael Bishop
DE Jonathan Brown
LB Michael Fletcher
LB Kevin Eiben (Canadian)
LB Mike O'Shea (Canadian)
CB Jordan Younger
S Orlando Steinhauer
KR Bashir Levingston
K Noel Prefontaine (Canadian)


WR Obed Cetoute (Canadian)
LB/S Adrian Mayes

Apparently we aren't going to run the ball, so why have a RB?
Anyway, pretty good list GCup89.
I'd like to see Maurice Lloyd on the list--is he classed as a rookie? Tough call on who to take off the list to get him on--either Armstead or Flick I would think....a week ago, it was definately Flick.
And honourable mention to Tristan Clovis.

And O'Day is a Canuck as well--just so your list is accurate

On our website it says he was born in buffalo. I don't think Lloyd is classified as a rookie. And yeah, I think too that Clovis should get an honourable mention too.

I think so far i would switch Flick for Lloyd, unless DJ starts playing like he did last week from here on out.