Who is your team?

What's the most popular team in the CFL?

you forgot OTHER

I would have thought that the Cats were more represented on this site. Maybe they just don't vote?

I don't think you can judge after just 6 votes.

Put the poll on the cat site and see what happens!

Other? please FBYB, don’t get them started on expansion again! :roll:

Milwaukee! :wink:

Go Riders! :rockin:

If it was one of 05s posts he would.

what else is there to do in sask but be a rider fan and pluck banjos :twisted: :lol:

Wow lots of roughriders fans here.


Can I vote for two teams?

My favourite is the Stamps, but I chose to support the Renegades instead :smiley:

Lions 6% [ 2 ]
Eskimos 6% [ 2 ]
Stamps 9% [ 3 ]
Riders 32% [ 10 ]
Bombers 3% [ 1 ]
Ti-Cats 6% [ 2 ]
Argos 9% [ 3 ]
Gades 9% [ 3 ]
Als 16% [ 5 ]

Total Votes : 31

now I just know that there are at least 2 bombers fans out there

I obviously did too...I wonder who the third person was?

paul anka

The Renegades are beating the Lions and Eskimos :smiley: (after 36 votes) ... and even if you discount my vote, they'd still be tied with them ...

Those Renegades have so many fans :wink:

thats because every renegade fan in the world posts here everyday :twisted: :lol:

Perhaps the Eskimos fans are just waiting until the season starts to vote with their wallets. It’s great to have “internet” fans for a team. But I’m sure any owner and any player prefers fans that show their support by spending their money on tickets, and putting their butts in seats; rather than showing support by clicking a button with their mouse. Perhaps that’s why Edmonton leads the league in attendance every year, by thousands?