who is your MOP?

Jon Cornish thinks he's the MOP this season.
( http://slam.canoe.ca/Slam/Football/CFL/ ... 21611.html )

i'd say Jon Cornish from the West and Chris Williams from the East.

what do you all think?

I think Chris Williams, but maybe I am biased. He is definitely one of the most skilled, but I would also throw Burris into the equation as well. Both could have career years, and if it helps carry them to a GC appearance, I think that would make the argument even better.

Not sure you can argue against Cornish, even if I don't like him and his attitude, he can play - as long as his o-line is doing the job.

If the Cats possessed a winning record this season, both Williams and Burris would likely accrue much greater voter/nomination tabs.

Calvillo or Owens in the East. Cornish or Lewis in the West.

I'd have to go with Darian Durant.

He's been very consistent this year. :rockin: :oops: :lol:

Chris Williams.

That said, the voters tend to be biased towards QBs, so it's really unlikely that Williams wins it.

It is often said in Football circles that defense wins championships. Why is it the the MOP or MVP always seems to come from the Offensive side? I would give a lot of consideration to J.C. Sherritt but in the end, I would have to give my nod for MOP to Cornish as in head to head match-ups this year, Cornish dominated Sherritt.

Cornish would be over the moon if he got the MOP nod, I don't think Saskatchewan fans will ever be over the moon. :cowboy: :lol: :twisted: :rockin:

Johnny just got it! Too funny! Well done :thup:

The other side of that quote is "offense sells tickets." The superstars are not defensive guys. It's the guys with the ball putting TDs on the board that people want to see, and thus who get the consideration.

Andrew Harris, he's got a great personality and has carried a lot of the weight of the BC offense this season. To me he's been just as instrumental in our offense as Lulay. If it was up to me, Andrew Harris MOP 2012.

The finalists will be Cornish and Calvillo. Cornish should win, but I can see them giving it to AC yet again.

After tonights game it's definitely Chris Williams, this coming from an Argo fan.

I would give it to the argos 4th string QB

Cornish in the west. In the east you could make a case for Williams or Owens. I suspect Owens will get the nod in the east (his team's in the playoffs) and the MOP because of the record, league leader in receiving and kick returns and they can recognize Cornish with Top Canadian. Not saying I agree with that logic, but I would bet Cornish doesn't win because he will certainly get Top Canadian and he's not so far ahead of the rest of the league he doesn't have competition for the award.

Personally Owens, Cornish and Williams are my Top 3 (in no particular order).

I'd say that much like the Vezina trophy in hockey (for top goalie), it's a redundancy. My feeling is unless there's a candidate on defense who blows everyone out of the water, the MOP should be reserved for offensive players. Defensive players have their own award.

Unfortunately, the MOP has essentially become the MOQB award in recent years (see Jamel Richardson 2011)

Obvious choice is Weston Dressler. OUtstanding year, outstanding person! :smiley: :cowboy:

Chris Williams for me. He plays on a much deeper receiving corps in Hamilton and doesn't see as many touches as Owens (although it wasn't a huge gap) and has piled up the TDs both receiving with 11, and on special teams with 6. 17 TDs is pretty phenominal for a receiver/returner.

I hope people don't give it to Owens just because he set the all purpose record, his kickoff returns were average, and the yardage came simply because he returned more than anyone else, not because he excelled at it. Look at the punt return yardage if you really want to compare the 2, Williams has 300 more yards and 5 more TDs in exactly 1 more return. I'm not trying to take away from the record, as being able to do all 3 well is a great feat not often seen, however he was simply beat out by someone who had a better season.

Burris could easily be argued as the East's MOP as well, he just lost out to his teammate, much the way Richardson had one of the best receiving years ever and Calvillo got the nod.

Normally, this award goes to a quarterback. But Burris might be the top quarterback of 2012 but is not even nominated. If current nominees are compared to winners of previous decades, no one has been better than past players except for Chad Owens. Rare to be both top receiver and punt returner.

Jon Cornish gets my vote. Allot is talked about all purpose yards from scrimmage and Andrew Harris when in fact Cornish and Sheets along with Harris all have over 1,700 all purpose yards from scrimmage. The fact that he leads the league in rushing and is on par with Harris in all purpose yards is the difference for me.
Sheets having the same success as those two may not receive any awards that is crazy in itself.
Maybe the CFL should come up with another award for Newcomer of the year. An award for 1st year CFL players that are not rookies as he and Chad Simpson have taken the CFL by storm. at least Simpson will get 1st team east all star at RB.
Other players that would be in the mix for top newcomer that do not have rookie status would be Joe Burnett DB EDM, Fred Bennent DB Calgary, Patrick Watkins DB TOR. Thats just a few off the top of my head.
With the CFL now stablized and being more visible to US players along with the modern venues We are going to see and ERA in the CFL where a lot of really good NFL players will be heading to the CFL with that 3-5 years NFL experience and success than ever before. The NFL simply has no where on their rosters to keep the kind of players that i Mentioned as NFL teams need to make room for potential rookies.

JON CORNISh League MOP. Import non import it does not matter he is the best player in the CFL. The Stamps would be no where without him