who is your favourite player in the cfl...and why?

i would have to say milt stegall...because of the facet that he is a class act, plays for the team and not himself, and he is an all around good player

  1. Matt Dunigan, before my time I know, but this guy has an aweseom arm and it a pity that he didn't stay with the Bombers or won the GC with them, but he tock them to two back to back Grey Cups.

then Tom Clemons, another awesome Bomber QB that won the Peg it's last Grey Cup.

Eric Carter, who I wish played his last season with the BB last season and reached his 50 intercept return for TD, god knows it would have done the BBs some good.

Roberts, I don't know how he does it, but he is always #1 even when they team is down in the Standings.

Brain Clack, KJ, Deter brock, Scoot Mennie, Troy Westwood, Gleen

......reffering to Regina as an 'armpit' in the press doesn't seem all that classy, IMO.......

My favorite player is Calvillo. Intelligent player, he is one of the big(if not THE big) reason under the Als success. I'd pick this guy as my QB anytime !

I'll add a category, my favorite personality. A guy that deserve a lot of respect, the Pinball !

Hmm .. tough question ...

All time favourite player ... Probobly Willard Reaves or James Murphy ... On the Defensive side - Dave Bovell ... took a lot of dumb penalties sometimes, but the guy hit like a cement truck ...

Current player ... Stoddard possibly ... on the defensive side .. probobly Wes Lysack ... neither player is truly dominant .. just good guys on and off the field, and they play there hardest every game - and the results are usually pretty good.


BC : Geroy Simon Love the speed
Calg : Joffrey Reynolds Going to be a star some day
Edmonton AJ Gass Tough Hitter, plays on the edge
Sask: Travis Moore Should have been used more last year!
Winnipeg, Westwood...Just Kiddin. Have to like Stegall
Montreal, Cahoon Makes the impossible catches
Toronto, Pinball Okay I know he's a coach but how can you NOT like him?
Hamilton, Maas, The Savior has arrived
Ottawa, They've all left.....Once I see their roster, I'll pick one!

My favorite player right now is Reggie Hunt

He is an amazing football player, does his job the way its supposed to be done, with speed and exitement. Then he gets up and walks back to the huddle and does it again. Doesn't talk a lot of crap, lets his actions talk for him

Jason Tucker, the embodiment of the philosophy of the double E.

....my favourite player......now let me see has to be Blink Roberts...close second...Stegall
...my favourite players.....
Sask....Big Nasty Nate...
Cal.....Big mouthed Lewis
Edm.....Big moves Tucker
B.C.....Big play Simon

Tor.....Baker ...great left hook
Ham.......Hitchcock....steady hits a ton
Mont.....Calvillo....mr steady
Ottawa.....who's left....seriously...Banks ...good defender..

well, i'm still kinda sad that he was traded, but John Grace is up there. The guy is a beast on defence.

......reffering to Regina as an 'armpit' in the press doesn't seem all that classy, IMO.......
I think Stegall was just jokin around (he stated that). Its just fun adding to the rivalary. Plus, didn't Dominguez make a WPG joke/comment before? It's all in fun, Stegall's just funny/cocky, still classy though.

My favorite player? Probably Roberts, but you gotta give mad props to Stegall as well. Basically the whole bomber team I like though, But I also like some players from other teams as well.

Oh and for reasons why Roberts, hes an exciting player who's fun to watch and probably the best back in the league. He's also a tough-smaller guy. But again, its hard to pick just one player from the Blue Bombers.

Hmmm.. For the Offense/ Special Teams.. Probably Corey Holmes. For the Defence.. I dunno I like Nate Davis, Schultzy, and Reggie Hunt all about equally.. Probably Nate though..

All in all, it's a tie between Corey Holmes and Nate Davis.

Robert Baker....hit of the YEAR, in '05

THE BIG DOUBLE D.......DAVE DICKENSON!!!!!!! and then I would have to say Ranek, but he doesnt' play for the lions so.....

Ricky Ray - 3 cup appearances as his 3 years as a starter and 2 cups for the esks. Even though he was struggling at the end of this past season, I felt it was great that he was capable of playing well in the Grey Cup game. I feel that he almost "proved" himself again by displaying such a good performance vs. the als and in the process breaking a 6-7 game no passing touchdown streak(yikes!). Even I got on his case at the end of the season, but I feel bad for doing it now.

my other fav. player is Jason Maas- great leader, cares about the community. Just a great guy all around.

Joffrey Reynolds.
John Grace
Nik Lewis

Nealon Greene and Jason French.....ugh, think I feel a little sick.....

Okay, seriously.....love Szarka, Holmes (class act!), Big Nate Davis, and Schulzy.....

What about Kenton Keith??? LOL

For what its worth, i actually cheer for little Holmes when hes not
playing the horse. I remember either reading or watching an article
about him where he had a family tradegy (wife died maybe) and still
didnt let his team down by missing the game.

Something along those lines anyhow.

Paul McCallum and Troy Westwood! No doubt. Most exciting and fit athletes in the league. Watching them tackle opponents is highlight reel stuff everytime. I even named my dogs Troy, West, Wood, Paul, Mc, and Lum. All six of them just sit around , howl and eat and drink too much- much like their namesakes. I wish I could put horse manure on their driveways but they probably would eat it thinking it is Purina's speciatly cuisine line!
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