Who is your favourite Lion?

I mentioned Carl Kidd as my favorite Lion. On the offensive side of the ball I like Ryan Thelwell, Jason Clermont and Cory Mantyka. Javier Glatt is someone I'm hoping will shine and Paris Jackson has paid his dues and I expect him to emerge this season.

Past favorite Lions include slotback Ron Morris. guard Steve Kotter and halfback Willie Fleming of the '64 Grey Cup team. Others include John Henri White, Kevin Konar, Jerry Tagge, Larry Crawford, James 'Quick' Parker, Doug Flute, and Sean Millington.

The heart of a Lion!

#16 on your roster, #11 in our Hearts!! The Avalos Family in NM. Billy,Candace, Jacob, Isiaha, Tiana, William, and Bucks' #1 Auntie Mabel

carl kidd hands down is the best lion,

esks suck,stamps suck

I dont think you can say Printers is one of the Best of All time, one great MVP season and then rides the pine, he is not one of the best qb’s in the league until he gets to show what he can do coming off of last season. no doubt if he was in i think he would be at or near the top, but give this guy a chance, DD is a good QB, but he doesnt have that X factor that Printers has, strong arm, strong legs, and pocket smarts. I can’t take anything away from DD tho, he has some of those qualities too and gets better over time, but i think Printers earned at least to play another game with his play last year!

i gotta go with my boy geroy...love the guy.
but Casey is a close second,
and mr.carl kidd for my thirdddd
but everyone is awesome!!

With all due respect to Dewalt -to-Fernandez:

The greatest Lion of all time is Wally Buono. So long as your front office knows their place, until he retires, the Lions will NEVER suck. He is the greatest CFL coach of all time. As we speak, he's spending time looking for the best line-up for 3 seasons from now.

I will always suck eggs that we lost him to y'all. Congratulations, you bastards.

current, is Javier Glatt, past, Lui passaglia

Jason Clermont, Geroy Simon my fave slotbacks :stuck_out_tongue:
Carl Kidd- my fave trashtalker :mrgreen: :lol:

Geroy on Offense! Kidd on Defense


geroy simon!, best receiver in the cfl

:) 8) :? :P :cry:

Larry Crawford ruled

Conetdog wrote: "The greatest Lion of all time is Wally Buono."

No way - It has to be Dave Skrien and not just because he looked like Gene Kiniski - the Greatestest Canadian Athlete.

Geroy Simon :slight_smile:

I guess Lyle Green due to his unswerving duty to teamwork!

Printers fan here.

CASEY PRINTERS!!!! :smiley: :wink: :!:

As a very long time BC Lion fan I agree with this comment that Buck Pierce has the heart of a Lion!!!

I along with a stadium full of fans was pretty impressed with Buck's play in the exhibition game against Calgary. He looked like a seasoned vet.

I have dropped by a couple of Lion practices including today's and am always really interested in how he is playing. I continue to be impressed and added #16 to this nickname because I think he looks like a special player and one really suited to the CFL.