Who is your favourite Lion?

I wanted to get an idea of Lions’ fans’ favourite player, currently and in the past?

I love the whole team but if I had to pick
currently - Barrin Simpson
past - Roy Dewalt, “Quick” Parker, Keyvan Jenkins.

i like Jason Claremont and geroy but my favorite is Karl Kidd

loved sean millington back in the 90’s (i was like 8)
right now its casey printers, jason clermont, and barrin simpson.

Stewart Hill… He is a super cool guy.
I hope Casey gets to play at the cup.

this one is too hard to pick only a couple from now and then... too many faves.

Past: Lui Passaglia, Sean Millington, Roy Dewalt, "Quick" James Parker, Swervin Mervyn Fernandez, Jamie Taras, Darnell Clash, "Neon" Leon Bright, Anthony Cherry

Current: Jason Clermont, Bret Anderson, Carl Kidd, Angus Reid, Brent Johnson, Barrin Simpson, Casey Printers

#59 - Kelly Bates...linemen never get the credit they deserve :lol: ...

past...gotta be Lui...

Past playesr - Willie Fleming, Joe Kapp, Doug Flutie, and overall of them Big Lu (Passaglia) with a near favourite in Glen Jackson.

I'm going to date myself here, but hands down Bill Muncie

Whoops, hit send too soon. Current favourite and there are some good ones to choose from but if just one I gotta go with Geroy Simon.

It's definitely Carl Kidd for me. He plays with passion and heart and he adds a lot of spirit to the team. I'll never forget the time he played with all his fingers taped from being broken and he could only tackle with his arms. Asked after the game by the press what was the toughest part of playing with such injuries.....he said going to the bathroom at halftime!!

Present I hate them all :smiley: JK Clermont is a Sask guy and a good Canadian, and Dickenson is a nice guy, seen him in public and he really is a NICE down to earth guy who's teammates seem to respect him.
Past JIM YOUNG... NUMBER 30.... wild hair back in the day on my Esso player photo potrait...we use to all do the Jim Young hands above the head grasping the ball pose and call it a Jim Young catch whenever you caughtt one like it. Hey i'm going to start a poll :idea:
and here it is.

[url=http://www.cfl.ca/index.php?name=PNphpBB2&file=viewtopic&t=1373]http://www.cfl.ca/index.php?name=PNphpB ... pic&t=1373[/url]

back to your regular favorite Lion thread no -hi-jack intended.

All the guys are good shit... i work at the hotel that they stay at when they come into town for the season.... Tony Simmons, Carl Kidd, Jarious Jackson, Freddie Moore... all these guys at dope shit! I wish them the best with this season, and i'll see you all when i get back into town...

damn.... how could i forget dirty 30.... add that one to my list of fave past players

My favorite would have to be Cory Mantyka because he's such a nice a guy, he also came to my youth, but i was sick and couldn't come :cry:

GreekChick Status: Offline Posted: Jul 19, 2005 - 04:49 AM

All the guys are good ****… i work at the hotel that they stay at when they come into town for the season… Tony Simmons, Carl Kidd, Jarious Jackson, Freddie Moore… all these guys at dope ****! I wish them the best with this season, and i’ll see you all when i get back into town…

Greek chick: what is that about “all these guys at dope ****!” What do you mean by that???

Definately " LionHeart " from the carebears, he was the glue that held those wonderful bears together, without him Shreeky, Beastly and NoHeart would of taken over the world. Honorable mention goes to Simba from the Lion King and the lion from the wizard of OZ.


:lol: haha... nice

Born free and loving it. Too funny.

i like casey printers and simon t here 2 greeat players!
i think bc lions have to look around for a new kickers or a back up one
cause there going to have some problems if ohmany keeps screwing up 8)

Clermont, Crumb, Bates