Who is your favourite defunct CFL Team?

Couple points here. Sacramento GMiners did have a carry over following from the Sac Surge 92 WLAF Bowl victory. Fan base was in place and came of a championship. Head start if you will.

It was Memphis coach Pepper Rogers who blurted that crap about changes. No surprise. I was a big follower of the USFL , and Pepper Rogers was always a bit of a nut. Yet he was successful somehow. BTW, Mad Dogs. Most stupid name ever for football.

I will see your carbuncles and raise you.
No, I think this is a fine topic. Nice to have variety.
How deep can any of us go talking about the Argo's stadium situation.?

BTW, my favorite pain is the wet towel snap across the back. Hurts lake a SOB, but man what a rush.
Thank you sir , may I have another ?

Felt bad for Ottawa when the ship sunk, hoping this time it will be a successful turnaround, after one season they are the toast of the east, hope they continue in season two.

U.S teams I don't care for them, at first I was curious but the USA vs Canada thing got old, it went from a football league to two different divisions with two different rules (Canadian content). Plus the Canadian division had 8 teams while the US had 5, that was a bit weird.

The day US experiment died I was so happy I felt we got our league back, never want the US vs Canada football playoff format again.

Except for Baltimore it was like watching the SkyDome in every American city, it was failure

First thing that came to my mind as well. Cool name and history (technically not CFL) but what the hay. The CFL should have some replica shirts for those retro teams like they (Hockey Canada?) did for the old Canadian Olympic hockey teams.

That came to mind first but I forgot my real favourite... Toronto Balmy Beach, that's too cool for school!

The Gold Miners.

The Gold Miners.

Miami Manatees

Now I have that damn narwhals song in my head...

You know the one? Seen on the Sprint commercial?

"Narwhals, Narwhals
Swimming 'round the ocean,
causing a commotion,
because they're so awesome..."

Toronto Balmy Beach Beachers

Okay, so not CFL, but what a great name! :stuck_out_tongue:

Gotta go with ripped out hang nail pain, although picked off a scab pain comes close.

That's what I was going to say... They had a franchise, just not a stadium. They're the best, no doubt about it. :thup:

Over 40 years and still undefeated! :wink:

along with the Miami Manatees and Shreveport Barracudas.

The guy singing the anthem was hilarious, what rock was he living under, ok so you sing anthems for a pro sports team do you think he would have at least heard the Canadian anthem at least once or at the very least tried to find a recording of it.
"Ok Joe we need you to sing the Canadian Anthem at tonight's game can you do that "
" yes sir not a problem "
"Hey Joe have you ever sung it before"
Nope but I think I'll do my own version
" sounds like a great idea Joe!!"


" we stand on guard for theeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee " big smile - yes I nailed it perfect - yay me .

In fairness to that professional LV lounge singer- (LOL), arrangements were made for him to fly up 2 weeks after that butcher job to sing at the Las Vegas at Toronto game .
There he did a very good job and got a nice ovation. He took the time to learn it.
It was all about redemption.

However, I think I would rank his version much better than the version Burton Cummings sang at the 2012 GC.
How could any Canadian singer forget the words and sing so horrible. No excuse for that one. Still bugs me.

he never forgot the words.. He simply deleted the part about god..
In this day and age, Im suprised the offical version has not done this.

he never forgot the words.. He simply deleted the part about god..
In this day and age, Im suprised the offical version has not done this.

SCREW HIM!! If a person is asked the honor to sing the anthem and they have a problem with the words, they should decline.
Sing the official proud version or do not sing it at all.
Regardless , he sucks anyway.

See what you did ? You made me go off topic.

NO, he doesn't suck at all. He is one of the greatest.

I remember the great Labor Day rivalry between the Shreveport Barracudas and Birmingham Pirates. After Birmingham moved to Las Vegas to become the Las Vegas MadDogs, it was just not the same.